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Natranr 2013年10月10日下午5:27
No experimental menu?
I can't seem to find the experimental menu to enable my Razer Hydra. I reinstalled the drivers, MC2 is turned off as I heard that interferes. What am I doing wrong? Am I blind or something?

I heard people were having issue with the Hydra but not with the experimental menu disapearing.
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Trick_Ster 2013年10月10日下午5:47 
最后由 Trick_Ster 编辑于; 2013年10月10日下午5:48
Natranr 2013年10月10日下午6:07 
Thanks, Found it.

At least the hands work in the reception, but it's all wonky. Are they working on making it 1 to 1 or do we have to wait for the release of the Sixense STEM controllers for that?
rampaging bunny 2013年10月11日上午9:58 
They're supposed to be wonky. Try playing the game with a mouse, you'll get my point :)
Natranr 2013年10月11日下午5:36 
I find it easier with a mouse though. I can't wait to see what they do with the STEM controllers though.
rampaging bunny 2013年10月12日上午4:46 
I'm pretty sure thye won't do much. It's just a gadget
Libre 2013年10月12日上午10:15 
Try it with a Rift and the Hydra. It's the only way I can play the game. Having two hands, depth perception and (nearly) 1:1 control is pretty neat.
rampaging bunny 2013年10月12日下午2:43 
Well except Rift is what, 3 times more expensive than the Hydra?
Natranr 2013年10月12日下午7:52 
I'm waiting for the consumer version of the rift sometime next year.
cyanisaac 2013年10月13日上午7:47 
If you're missing the experimental menu, you need to switch to the beta version of the game.
Natranr 2013年10月13日下午6:16 
I already found that.
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