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Special Event
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Tag Tournament Tomorrow! New Workshop Highlight Check out a preview of Ashamael's new tag level created specifically for this event:

Use the community Discord[discord.gg] to sign up. Simply enter the #tournament_sign-up channel and voice your interest. More thoughts from the organizers below.
Ursprungligen skrivet av Splaysh:
Tournament starts at the usual SS time on Saturday, February 18th. We're hoping for at least 16 participants. Stream is here: https://www.twitch.tv/splaysh

- Only sign up if you're sure you can make it
- Please only use this channel to sign up
- Be clear when you sign up (no "maybe", "might make it", etc. )
- We'll close registrations a few hours before the tournament, or earlier if we get too many.

Organizational and technical difficulties are to be expected.
We hope you'll have fun and GL to all the players.


I also updated Distance's main menu to highlight 12 new Workshop levels! Some new releases, some older tracks that you might have missed. Check them out!
- Jordan (@torcht for more frequent dev updates)

February Devlog: Booting Up 2017 This month's devlog includes answers to all of our frequently asked questions (e.g. the launch window, PS4 release) as well as thoughts on Adventure mode, new music, and more. Hope you enjoy!

- Jordan (@torcht for more frequent dev updates)