Community levels at their finest
Customize your experience by grabbing the latest community levels below, or go crazy with the built-in level editor to create/share your own levels with the world.
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Special Event
Distance Advent Calendar 2017 has concluded! For the fourth year in a row, level creators have banded together to share a new level editor creation each day during December. Check out all of DAC 2017's levels here:
Senaste tillkännagivandena
Merry Christmas from Refract

If you missed last week's live stream you can also check that out where a few of the devs play through 21 of the levels in a mini marathon:


  • Updated loading screens and main menu with a winter holiday theme
  • Improved load times and memory use
  • Added snow on the car screen (toggle in General settings)
  • Improved default replay download behavior for Near My Ranking so if you've never played the map before it grabs a wide variety of replays
  • Restored trick text in Adventure mode and simplified it further
  • Level authors and devs are now tagged in leaderboard listings
  • Upgraded splash/idle screen functionality in the main menu
  • Improved error checking and handling of edge cases where connection to Steam Workshop is poor
  • Warning messages in the Graphics options now pulse to grab your attention
  • Changed level select behavior so that it auto selects the last played level instead of the last selected
  • Press Back to Reset is now hidden if All Abilities in Adventure Mode is enabled
  • Improved level preview texture settings so it looks better in VR
  • "Regenerating" text now matches color of checkpoint
  • Loading the main menu is now asynchronous
  • Objects in frozen layers are now hidden in the Level Objects Tab
  • Added default cubemaps for levels which don't use LevelCubeMapRenderers
  • Added delay on EventListeners
  • Changed object preview for Biodome and LevelCubeMapRenderer
  • Fixed issues with rendering of background layers on HTV Vive
  • Fixed bug with replays going through teleporters and seeing a weird camera angle
  • Fixed issue where if All Abilities in Adventure Mode is enabled text near the car wouldn't appear in Arcade
  • Fixed bug where when using Trigger Distance on TurnLightOnNearCar and exploding within that distance the lights are not turned off
  • Fixed bug where components like PulseAll would be culled in the background layers
  • Fixed bug where loading bar was indicated incorrectly sometimes
  • Fixed bug where popup blocker would sometimes not popup when it should
  • Fixed bug with lens flare multiple always disabling lens brightness
  • Fixed bug with Detailed Lights option in Graphics menu not linking properly with other buttons
  • Fixed bug where popup-blockers are stuck below the road after restarting the level
  • Fixed bug where menus were broken when viewing a replay on a Trackmogrify Level
  • Fixed bug where objects would sometimes use the wrong cubemap
  • Fixed issues with news box in main menu when offline
- Jordan (@torcht)

Distance Advent Calendar, Dev Stream (Dec. 21st)

To keep up to date with DAC levels, I recommend checking out the Special Event I've been updating (accessible via our Workshop home page). You can also check out the #d4c channel on our (now official!) Distance Discord[discord.gg]. While you're at it come discuss each day's level with other players, and see early previews of upcoming community levels.


Finally, we'll be retweeting the organizers of DAC who announce each day's level, so check out @refractstudios on Twitter if you're into that sort of thing.


On Thursday, December 21st at 12pm PT / 8pm GMT we'll be hosting a Twitch stream where we play through released DAC levels! We'll also likely talk about some of the new tools released in the skybox update, answer questions, and talk about development in general. Hope to see you there!
- Jordan (@torcht)