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Room Quality
av Ceraphix
A (hopefully) helpful understanding of the new room quality feature....
Fully Intergrated Calculator
av Shadow Snatcher SI:7
A detailed calculator to give you the statistics on your kitchen, laundry room,cleaning cupboard,workshop and cell grading! Check it out and stop pulling your hair out!...
Purpose rooms/Назначение комнат и советы новичкам.
av watch12angel
Then i re-write the wiki page on this wonderful game / Тут я перепишу страницу вики по этой замечательной игре.Здесь я привел 12 советов для новичков...
How to change the save folder in windows 7
av Wind
I believe that this works in win8&10, but I did not try it, so you can think about it yourself or search some references for help....
Prison Architect 更新 中文翻译(更新至 Alpha 34)
av 空梦残月in帝都
av kyukou
解决厨师不做饭的问题 很多适合总是发现建造了偌大的厨房但但是厨师就是不做饭。 犯人纷纷饿死。。。 ...
How to set Death Row Prisoners.
av AndyO1
Setting death row prisoners is as easy as eating a piece of cake!... Once you get the hang of it, of course! :P...
Death Row
av That_Late_Night_Gamer
This guide explains how to prepare for and execute death row prisoners....
How to Get Rid of Your Prisoner's Needs
av ferrisdally06
This guide will tell you how to get rid of your prisoner's needs such as Freedom, Food and Exercise. Everything in this guide will support these needs. Bladder Bowels Sleep Food Safety Hygiene Exercise Family Recreation Comfort Envirorment ...
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