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jamesc70 Aug 9, 2013 @ 11:41am
All prisoners instantly in the red upon waking up?
This one has me stumped if it is something I'm doing wrong.

Building a large prison that will eventually hold 600 prisoners, but at only 45 prisoners so far, EVERY single one of them will go into the red (not being treated well) instantly when they wake up.

The danger level goes from 'low' with no prisoners listed as happy/mistreated, to as soon as they wake up - 45 prisoners feel they are being mistreated.

What the heck?

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.Cheetos//Sign Aug 9, 2013 @ 11:55am 
Post a screenshot of what your prison layout is atm.
jamesc70 Aug 9, 2013 @ 1:43pm

Guess it was 35 prisoners, and I've lost alot because the latest shipment had 28 prisoners which I couldn't handle.

But as you can see, wake up is 6AM, and the danger level shows ALL of them in the red. At 5:59AM, the danger level was low with no prisoners listed at all (none happy, none mad).

Noticed nearly all of them have all their need bars filled upon wake up. All the prisoners have max need for Hygiene (caps in need list), yet they all showered before bed. Some of the cells are dirty, but I can't imagine that doing it (or does it?).

Loaded up my small prison, and don't have this issue. The main difference I see in stats between the two prisons, is that the smaller prison's danger almost always shows a chunk of prisoners happy, and if it drops it takes a while. The larger prison fluctuates wildly, even with 2 less work hours a day than the smaller prison, and more free time.

Guessing it's a bug, because I can't see what would instantly make them all mad (from low danger no prisoners listed, to all prisoners mad in 2 seconds).
.Cheetos//Sign Aug 9, 2013 @ 1:55pm 
Maybe a bug not sure, thats why I dont like prison intake is at 8am, instead of sat midnight or 1am, so they can hit the beds the moment the arrive and are put in a cell right away. Most of prisoners arrive with lots of needs half full a few at full but usually they arrive around free time and yard, enough time for them to get most of there needs sorted out once they get a cell. And its off to work.

The only time ever saw my danger level rise was when prisoners first arrived and had to work right away. That's why I changed the regime. Either way it is hard to keep the happy, like seriously prisoners need to be happy xD... just throw them in a cell and forget about them till they get released and only the ones who fear the guards are allowed to work lol.
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StreetBaby Aug 9, 2013 @ 1:59pm 
It could be your regime? The regime is a fickel little thing. And can cause your prisoners to go instantly red upon wake up. The danger level on my prisoners is alway a bit red when they wake up. I give them a shower time and free time right when they wake up and the level goes down quickly. It usually has to do the most with showers (Those are some OCD shower taking pixels).
jamesc70 Aug 9, 2013 @ 2:36pm 
I have heavily modified the regime, because of issues mentioned by ThatGuy; early on I always fudge with the regime to keep initial prisoners happy.

The only different thing I did with the regime with this prison, is I removed the initial Shower hour, and made it Free Time, thinking that the prisoners would empty their bladder/bowel needs before showering, but they just all stayed asleep (7 hour sleep cycle). Changed it back to Shower upon waking up.

How does the regime cause prisoners to go instantly red like you mentioned? The hour before they go to sleep, it's around 14 prisoners are happy, none mad. Then right before sleep, nothing is listed (no happy, no mad), and during sleep up until waking up, it is the same.
StreetBaby Aug 9, 2013 @ 2:44pm 
I did try the freetime upon waking up and found most would sleep through it. So I put showertime and then free time with plently of options for showers. I made a shower close to the yard and canteen area. While playing I think it is in the coding. So mayhaps a glitch. But to ease the glitch or walk around it I set my regime to when they wake it is shower then freetime with that extra area (an actual room) between the canteen and yard area.
jamesc70 Aug 9, 2013 @ 3:45pm 
It isn't an issue with prisoners not having what they need. My Canteen has toilets, phones, and even TVs in it. My yard and shower are similar - both have toilets.

A half hour before they go to bed, 9 out of 10 prisoners only need Sleep and Comfort, and my danger level is 20 happy (green) prisoners. By a half hour after going to sleep, the danger level is low with 0 prisoners happy- it rapidly decreases to zero when they go to sleep. When they wake up, all are mad, and all of them have full bars of nearly every need.

Soul Brotha Aug 9, 2013 @ 5:36pm 
i have that same prob. all i did was add an hr of free time after they wake up.
jamesc70 Aug 9, 2013 @ 6:55pm 
Guess I'm lucky I built my shower in a huge ring inside my gigantic cell blocks, because at least they get to it ASAP, and the rage goes away by the end of the shower hour.

Just have to put up with some of them breaking showerheads every morning.
jamesc70 Aug 10, 2013 @ 11:58am 
Well, figured it out.

The hygiene bar goes up super-fast when prisoners go to sleep, so I wake them up in the middle of the night for a shower.

Not sure why the bar goes up so fast compared to my small prison, but I thought it might have to do with how clean the prison was; although my small prison was quite dirty for the longest time until I finally bought some janitors.

Hired 8 janitors, and have 12 prisoners working on cleaning now... only slightly seems to slow down the hygiene bar while sleeping. Maybe something to do with having the workshops too close to the cells for the hygiene issue?
PowerFlower Aug 10, 2013 @ 2:45pm 
having the same issue, that and that they refuse to put on clean cloth thogh available and accessible. Gone down to medium security again because they usually get released again before their temper gets to bad.

Tried almost all possible shedules .. but not the shower at night yet .. will try that for sure, see if it works.
CodeRen Dec 30, 2013 @ 8:36pm 
The same happens to me! Everything is fine until they wake up! Then it goes from no threat, to the highest threat within less than a minute!
Jesus Christ Dec 30, 2013 @ 11:26pm 
I noticed a curious thing; I removed shower time from the regime. Prisoners now had to get up and go straight to work. Even though they were sleeping, the act of negatively changing the regime made the threat level rise.
the evil genius Dec 31, 2013 @ 2:10am 
put a shower in every cell and set 8am - 9am to freetime

i got a prison with about 300 max sec prisoners and i never had a single death or escape
(only 3 fights)

here's my prison
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I've never had to put showers in cells, or weights in the canteen, or anything like that! Showers in cells, what is this, the Ritz? ;)

I get my prisoners up at 6am for an hour of freetime to shower etc, then an hour of food, then more free time, then 2 hours work, 1 hour yard, 3 hours work, 1 hour dinner, two hours work, more freetime, then sleep.

Works for me!
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