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jamesc70 Aug 4, 2013 @ 12:05pm
Tricks and Tips - a couple I've found that are useful
At your prison entrance, make a small room big enough to hold your main jail door, and another behind it to get into the prison proper. Make this area Staff Only through deployment, and then place two Staff doors in that same room, one next to both jail doors.

This way, all your workers that need to get to the delivery area will never need to wait for a guard to open the gates, and prisoners will never go through the staff doors even if they are open, because the area is Staff Only. This will speed up delivering things into the prison by a large factor; no more bunched workers on prison doors waiting for a guard.


Alot of guides say to place the storage room in the middle of the prison - bad advice; place them as close to your prison entrance as you can. Once you have workshops up and running, your workers will be constantly getting metal to deliver to workshops, and since they idle in the Storage room, if it is away from the entrance, that is all the much further they have to walk.

Much better to deliver items to your money making venture faster, than to cut walking distance for a building item.


If you are laying out your prison, which will have alot of rooms of complicated sizes to fit on the ground plot, consider blocking out the areas with fences. Fences don't cost anything and don't require any material to build, so if you lay out that workshop to be 240 tiles for 20 workers by building a fence around it's area; you won't accidentally build somewhere that might interfere with it.

I lay out entire prisons this way, with strips of foundation so I can see the lengths easily, and then screenprint it, and refer to the screenprint when building.

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ptryba Aug 6, 2013 @ 9:29pm 
Thanks for the advice!
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