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YoooooooSEF 2013年7月23日 13時49分
Does anyone else's game seem to crash cause mine does. ALOT and it's super annoying i've uninstalled and reinstall. I don't know what else i can do cause i'm not very good with computers. I really enjoy this game and really want play it but it crashes. PLEASE HELP!!
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chalked.up 2013年7月23日 14時59分 
Computer specs? Search for ATI Catalyst in these forums if you have an AMD card.
YoooooooSEF 2013年7月23日 15時02分 
I don't know my specs but i know i can run it i run games like arma 2,3 and all that on high.
chalked.up 2013年7月23日 15時12分 
are you on a pc or mac?
operating system?
what's your video card?
are your driverrs updated?

these are some basic things you should know about your own computer
YoooooooSEF 2013年7月23日 15時20分 
How do i check my drivers i know all that other stuff?
YoooooooSEF 2013年7月23日 15時21分 
Pc 64 bit operating sysmtem Radeon HD 6770 M
chalked.up 2013年7月23日 15時25分 
Radeon = ATI (AMD)
Search for ATI Catalyst. The answer is there.
YoooooooSEF 2013年7月23日 15時28分 
Where do i search this?
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