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The Educated Pickle | 2013. dec. 30. @ du. 7:50
Can trucks actually use the road that I build? (Using road flooring) I tried building one that spans halfway across the prison as a branch off the original path but trucks dont use it. Is it because the road doesnt span off screen? Its 5 blocks wide like the normal road so it should work...
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Darak 2013. dec. 30. @ du. 8:47 
I don't believe it does, but tbh never heard of someone using road tiles :/
joshman 2013. dec. 30. @ du. 10:15 
I've never thought of doiing this either. Road tiles are in the game so maybe it will be a future feature to divert the traffic where you want. I am almost 100% sure that the trucks are on rails at the moment and don't have any pathfinding AI.
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