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愛 CHarL|3 裏 28 dic 2013, ore 10:24
BUG: escort prisoner to cell. Repeatly for ever!
Hi. I have a big bug. The guards are constantly escorting prisoners and moving arround the same cell. They dont leave him. Then, prisoners are stuck at the cell, being moving all the time. Anyone knows anything?
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Thadian 28 dic 2013, ore 11:18 
From another thread:

"About your prisoners being escorted everywhere: It auto assigns them to a cell, so when you were telling them to be sent here or there, basically there were 2 commands to take them to a cell qued up. If a prisoner has been waiting a long time to be moved and you re-tell it to move them somewhere, it doesn't replace the origional command, it adds on."
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nuku_v 30 dic 2013, ore 18:41 
How do you fix this? How do you get rid of these commands?
愛 CHarL|3 裏 30 dic 2013, ore 19:12 
you must to create biger cells. No another fix i found it.
Kevin Parker 30 dic 2013, ore 23:28 
This happened to me in my first game. I had the entrance to the cell block permenantly open for builders. Once I closed it, the guard uncuffed the prisoner and ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off.
Not sure if this applies to your situation.
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