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STROHh 80 2014年5月11日上午2:36
foundation problem
how do i completely remove a foundation? the foundation is halfway to its completion but i ♥♥♥♥ed it up so i want to remove it. but it seems that the bulldoze button does absolutely nothing...what am i doing wrong here?
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STROHh 80 2014年5月11日上午2:51 
please help me out here i'm desperate to know :(
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ziggystardst 2014年5月11日上午2:54 
Maybe you are doing something wrong and I can't tell because I don't have all the pertinent imformation, but if you are not, and if it's just because it's buggy, there's always a last resort. Build a bigger foundation surrounding your previous one, THEN demolish it all. I know it's not a perfect solution, and it costs a couple of bucks, but right now is the parcial solution to what appears to be a bug (it's alpha, I have no doubt it will be less buggy in the future).
STROHh 80 2014年5月11日上午3:00 
thanks for the reply. i think it is still a little broken as far as i can tell.
Wolf of the Midnight Sun 2014年5月11日上午3:06 
Can't you just use the demolish foundation tool because it's just fine for me.
Domina 2014年5月11日上午3:16 
Could you post a screenshot of it
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