STROHh 80 11. touko, 2014 2.36
foundation problem
how do i completely remove a foundation? the foundation is halfway to its completion but i ♥♥♥♥ed it up so i want to remove it. but it seems that the bulldoze button does absolutely nothing...what am i doing wrong here?
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STROHh 80 11. touko, 2014 2.51 
please help me out here i'm desperate to know :(
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ziggystardst 11. touko, 2014 2.54 
Maybe you are doing something wrong and I can't tell because I don't have all the pertinent imformation, but if you are not, and if it's just because it's buggy, there's always a last resort. Build a bigger foundation surrounding your previous one, THEN demolish it all. I know it's not a perfect solution, and it costs a couple of bucks, but right now is the parcial solution to what appears to be a bug (it's alpha, I have no doubt it will be less buggy in the future).
STROHh 80 11. touko, 2014 3.00 
thanks for the reply. i think it is still a little broken as far as i can tell.
Wolf of the Midnight Sun 11. touko, 2014 3.06 
Can't you just use the demolish foundation tool because it's just fine for me.
Domina 11. touko, 2014 3.16 
Could you post a screenshot of it
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