bamlink May 10 @ 10:49pm
Workshop Question
Now that my prison is over 100 prisoners, I need more jobs for them. Can I build a second workshop with another 20 stations?
Will prisoners work without a foreman present?
Will prisoners who want to 'learn' know which workshop to go to for classes?
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scardone001 May 10 @ 10:51pm 
I have 2 workshop sections, 1 for beds and 1 for liscense plates... workers separate automatically, not sure why though... it works for me
Emmote May 11 @ 3:00am 
On my last 750 capacity prison I was running with 22 Workshops. So yeah, you can use more than one.

And yes, they will know which one to go to because they go to the one the Foreman goes to.
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