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Fallenglory May 10, 2014 @ 3:02am
My first prison!
Hey everyone!

How are you guys doing?

I bought Prison Architect last week, after trying the game a few times at my friends place.. I was instantly hooked! So far so good, this is my first prison so far.

Feel free to give some inside info tips, building plots or just add me to your friend list so we can chat up later.

See you!

Best regards,

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Emmote May 10, 2014 @ 4:17am 
Here are just a few things I noted while looking at your prison. Hope they help.

1. Shower rooms. Just put Drains under the doors. No need for more than that. As someone said in another thread, consider Drains "walls for water". Also, I personally put Showers inside Cells since you have to Pipe Cells anyway for the toilet, it also means they can shower while in their cell and don't have to walk anywhere to do it. So don't bother using dedicated shower rooms. Infact, all my prisons have 0 of them, except when I need to complete the first grant, I'll mark a Cell as shower room, and then turn it back into a Cell when the Grant is done.

2. Common Rooms. Having two of them is wasteful, and needless. Expand the Canteen to fill and merge the second far-left one. That way your prisoners will be able to use the Pool tables and Weights and phones during Eat time. Useful for those prisoners who don't feel like eating to get other needs out of the way.

3. Staffrooms. They don't need to be very big, 4x4 I think is minimum. Instead of having 1 big staff-room, always try to have lots of little ones dotted around your prison. It gives your staff shorter distances to walk. You do this because a patrolling staff member only relinquishes their patrol once they arrive in the staff room. This means it takes another staff member longer to move into that patrol route if they take ages getting to a staffroom.

4. Canteen & Kitchen. Your kitchen is too far away from your Canteen, and your Canteen isn't very centralised. Cooks have to carry food to the Canteen and they will only start doing it just before Eat time. The longer they have to walk, the longer prisoners go without food. Meanwhile, a Centralised Canteen gives prisoners less distance to walk from their Cells, so they don't spend half their Eat time actually walking to the Canteen. Also, put Toilets in the Canteen so that they can get those needs out of the way too.

5. Export room. Put it with your Delivery and Garbage rooms (usually in-between). This means you can fill up the Export truck quicker so that they don't block your road.

Basically, running a prison in PA is all about efficiency. The more time things take to get done, the more likely you are to♥♥♥♥♥♥off a prisoner by not getting one of their needs fulfilled. Hope this helped.
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UglyBird May 10, 2014 @ 4:23am 
Original design I must say.
I personaly do not use cell door (except for cells) and double one only for main entrance.
I leave almost everything else open but close areas like armory, storage, cleaning room, offices etc... usually set these as staff only and set guard patrol to entrance.

I also use a lot of metal detectors out of critical areas with guards. This will control tools and weapons and most of the rest. I get hardly no fights and killing. I get tazers as soon as pos and then get rid of armed guards outside of armory.
I put guard dogs patrols around the perimeter to avoid escapes and do a general search every 48 hours at night 11 pm.
This runs an incident free prison for me and allow me to build in peace.

What works for you?
Proteus May 10, 2014 @ 4:24am 
Looks like a very good first try.

Only 2 things (aside from what roland posted):
1. You could use more workshops to let your prisoners work (number of prisoners you can put into a workshop always depends on the room size, with a max of 20 [which is reached at 240 m^2])
2. Why do you use [bench, Table, Bench, table, Bench] in your canteen? Your prisoners can use both sides of the table ... so, [bench, table, bench, bench, table] would allow your prisoners to eat from both sides of the table
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Fallenglory May 11, 2014 @ 3:21am 
Thank you all three for your extensive advice on my prison!

@ Emmote: 1 Show in the cells is a great idea! I had no idea this was an option in the game, this proves anything is possible if you think outside of the box!. 2 Hmm, that's great instead of making separate rooms I should just let the canteen and common room be in the same room. I will remove the smaller one like you said. 3 This makes sence, I have a lot of tired staff atm so this is a great tip to avoid that. I will make more smaller ones for more efficiency like you said. 4 You are right, food is one of the reasons my prisoners are unhappy atm and this pretty much shows why I will move my kitchen next to the canteen for a better walking route for the cooks. 5 Who take the export to the export block, are those the prisoners? I'm asking this for safety precautions.

@ Rolandm.2: Wow really, how daring of you! Aren't you scared of big riots of breaking out this way? The big jaildoors in the hallways make it harder for my prisoners to move around freely, especially during riots it makes it easier to calm the situation down. I want to house more med-max security prisoners later, that's why I made my prison the way it is now. But I guess you are right with min-med security I could use less jaildoors and stall less time that way for my staff/workers.

@ Proteus: 1 More workshops you say, that's a really great idea. It means more income for me, I will make some more rooms today :). 2 Aww, I was really strugling with those benches at first but I will make good use of the advice you just gave me.

Thank you guys, I will check your profiles later and check your prisons out. Really looking forward to it!
Proteus May 11, 2014 @ 3:31am 
Originally posted by FallenGlory:
... Who take the export to the export block, are those the prisoners? I'm asking this for safety precautions.

Not only this ... they also are the ones who take the goods from the export zone to the trucks.

Although this is my personal experience with my prisons, where I always have the road enclosed by fences and road gates (so that a safe zone for öloading and unloading exists, where I usually let my gates stand open, as the prisoners would have to run the whole distance to the (closed) road gates in ordeer to escape.

I assume that without road gates, the transport from the export zone to the trucks would be done by your workmen
Fallenglory May 11, 2014 @ 3:34am 
Thanks Proteus, I fortunatly do have road gates! ;) I'll try it out and come back to you how it worked out.
Darak May 11, 2014 @ 5:14am 
yea, if you have walls and roadgates, you can make sure that area is enclosed by looking at the deployment? screen, it'll be sectioned off just like any other room. If so, the prisoners will help take care of exports and deliveries (and i assume garbage, dunno). If you don't want them to, you can make that area as 'staff only', then it'll be left to your workers, janators, gardners, and cooks to do the work.

But, very nice prison :) my first 3 ended up in the dump cause i didn't know about turning off intake >_> that was sooooo long ago though. lol

Keep up the good work!
Braydoh May 11, 2014 @ 5:37am 
If ur worried about riots and them moving around freely during them. I have lots of jail doors big and small but leave them all open (apart from the important ones to stop them escaping) so they can go about daily stuff nice and freely, but incase of a riot u can just hit the lockdown button and all jail doors will close so u can contain ur riot. then just hit the button again and the doors will all open again.
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