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ShadowXIIX Feb 20, 2014 @ 12:06pm
Suggestions For Prison Architect
I've thought of quite a few suggestions for the game and want to see what you guys think, also add your own into the comments if you wish, I'd like to see everyone's different opinions for the game.

- Campaign Mode: There is missions and stories for General Prison Life, and missions focused on the prisoners.

- Prisoner Data: More Information about the Prisoners, the option to view what they did, more about there past ect.

- Court Mode: Being able to go to court to be the judge and control the punishments and experiencing what it's like, try different things and experiment.

- Street Mode: How about, a map of different Streets you can use/build with everyday things, for example there could be Houses, Shops, and all everyday life stuff, but with a twist, criminals can rob shops, start riots on the streets, and there is Hospitals, Fire Stations, and Police Stations, and you can control the Streets, there could be gangs doing bad stuff and it's up to the police to bring them to justice, then there could be a mode, for you to select if you wish to watch the court thing and you can watch or pick punishments which will lead to later life in the Prison, so there's to maps, Prision and Street Mode.

- Daily Cashflow: Make it easier, whenever I play I do well but it always goes into the minus - and it takes forever to get out so make more ways to get get it out of there and stuff.

- More Jobs: More jobs for the Prisoners, so the Prison can make more money.

- Police Cars and Helicopters: Basically make the prisons so you can use roads, and have Police Cars, and at night Helicopters would be good as they could have a light on them to spot run away prisoners.

- Weapons for Guards: Most Guards should have some form of weapon extra stuff for defence, some should have a Tazers on them, some should have Paper Spray and there should be different ranks for the officers, so normal Guards and then maybe Chief Guards, Senior Guards, Sergeants, Ect Ect, different ranks and at a Certain Rank and Above those Officers Could have Handguns, but anything below would have Tazers/Paper Sprays and the Armed Guards would keep there Body Armour and Shotguns, but maybe they could have Tazers too so they could have an option on the bottom right, Lethal Force would be Shot Gun and, Non-Lethal would be a Tazer.

- A Control Room: A Room where basically the whole prison could be controlled where the doors didn't need keys they would be opened by Officers in the control Room, or all Guards had a Key Card so when they walk to it the jail door would open instead of a Key they would just use Key Card.

- Different Floors: So there could be Upstairs and Downstairs ect ect.

- Visiting Times: When Visitors come, the metal detector should work for them as they could maybe smuggle in stuff for the prisoners, also the K-9's Can sniff to find drugs on them.

- Bombs/Explosives: Prisons could make Bombs and stuff and explode parts of the prison, setting it on fire exploding walls to escape ect.

- Dogs (K-9's): Can sniff for drugs, explosives and can help in searches when prisoners or cells need searching.

- Prisoners: Prisoners could be more dangerous, Hostage Situations where they could take other inmates or officers hostage and then there could be a little scene for when that happens, they could also destroy CCTV Cameras to stop officers seeing what they're up to, barricading the Cell's so they could try to escape and it will take Officers longer to get in and stop them.

- Solitary: In Solitary there is a glitch that happened in the Alpha 10 and still happens today, where the doors don't close properly, also you could make more things to do with Solitary, add more things into it.

- Mental Hospital: In the prison there could be a mental hospital where crazy prisoners could be put into Straight Jackets in a Padded Room, because they try to commit Suicide, or murder people in the prison.

- Stricter Punishments: When someone does something bad in the prison there should be stricter punishments instead of just putting them into Solitary, maybe the execution, could be used on prisoners more.

- Watch Towers: For Guards to be able to see higher up and watch the Prison and maybe, the Gaurds could have Snipers up there as well.

My Steam Account: lburgess8126

My Steam Profile: ShadowGamer777


That is all thank you for taking your time to read this, it took me some time to think of all of this and write it down on here, please comment your suggestions as well! 8)
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|KoR| Metroidude Feb 20, 2014 @ 12:30pm 
Those seem like pretty good ideas. You should post them on the official forums if you haven't already, they're more likely to be read and implemented there :)
thebeastwithin Feb 20, 2014 @ 1:09pm 
also probally some towers to put around the walls
ShadowXIIX Feb 21, 2014 @ 2:19am 
Thank you. Yeah I'll add in Watch Towers so Prision Gaurds can keep an overall view of the Prison, I'm also gonna include Snipers of there to shoot run aways so they will be injured and can't run.
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