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I would like a snack machine I could put into common room. Prisoners could on the freetime use the machine to get a bit of food that would make them a bit less hungry.
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monkeyboy3008 Feb 9, 2014 @ 12:26pm 
nice idea
Neurosys420 Feb 9, 2014 @ 12:41pm 
I like that idea too. I like any idea that leads to neat little discreet events like this.
ie: not all prisoners get fed one day, #123 is feelin frisky, angry, is armed, and now hes starving.
Grabs a snickers bar....potential Riot/Murder/Mischief averted. Thats Good stuff.

Is this post meant to be a wishlist for all to post?
If so, I've got a few on my PA Wishlist.

Electric Chair (gonna keep pushing for it til its working)
Other Execution Methods (o shush they arent real people)
Restriction from Free Areas (Punishment, no yard or smaller/solo yard, No Phones, No Visits)

Implement Gaurds w/ Conduct Problems, Anger Issues, Psych Problems, Gaurd Bios, Make them real people like the prisoners.

Corruption opportunities.
Prison Reputation.
Staff Performance Records
Prison Inspections

I'm sure I have more but cant think of any right now.

yoda Feb 10, 2014 @ 6:01am 
I deff like your idea or restricting prisoners from common areas etc as a form of punishment. People say you can do that now with the zoning in deployment. Yes you can restrict their movements via that method, but in terms of punishment and suspression, it has no effect as punishment. The only thing it does is keep more risky prisoners out of workshops etc lessening the risk of contraband.

Give us more options and methods to keep our guests in line and punish them if needs.

A reward system wouldn't go a miss either - access to a prisoner shop, better facilities line access to sports or something.

As for the OP request, I agree, vending machine would be nice, giving us another way to fulfil hunger needs. Prisoners come in hungry on their first day too, so they can grab a snickers and not be such divas.
Also this could help generate a small amount of income.
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