Salmanz Jun 14 @ 4:40am
one of my prisoners is stuck for 9 years out of his 7 years jail time outside the jail
since he has been delivered to my prison..he spend his whole life a free man .outside the prison he spent his whole jail time and still not free, he is going to be trouble cuz i can't feed the whole prisoners while i can get him inside or off the to delete him or something cuz he is buged outside even gaurds when i command them to move him..they just push him and do nothing
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Moo Chacho Jun 14 @ 5:02am 
do you have enough cells, or a cell that takes his catergory?
Salmanz Jun 14 @ 9:32am 
i have holding cell and tons of emepty cells but this is is just buged..i even commanded the gaurd to send him to lockdown but they just don't do anything when near's a bug :s
Originally posted by Moo Chacho:
do you have enough cells, or a cell that takes his catergory?
Zanne Jun 14 @ 10:29am 
Your bugged prisoner isn't waiting for solitary is he? I had this happen a while ago because I forgot to make solitary cells and they'll stay in your prison until all their punishments are served.

As for deleting him, you can open the save file (the menu should give you the option to open the save folder) in notepad or wordpad and ctrl+F the prisoner's name. You'll have to delete the whole block of his data which can be tricky since a single prisoner is a bundle of different lines. If you try this, make sure to make a back-up copy of your save file just in case you get it wrong.
Salmanz Jun 14 @ 12:53pm 
thnx man @Zanne i will do that next time..i sold my prison to start off trying to avoid anything that may put me in that position .. by careful planning
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