Final Hours of Tomb Raider

TormenT 2013年3月8日上午6:50
Not starting on Mac
Final Hours of Tomb Raider won't start on my MacBook Pro
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Chief Whosmoralsareelastix 2013年3月8日下午2:14 
Minimum specs for osX say it requires adobe air, maybe you need the latest version off the adobe site. Can say it works fine under bootcamp, but that doesn't help you very much TormenT :)
ddaydj 2013年3月8日下午3:27 
Tried reinstalling Adobe Air, but it still doesn't start :( Here's the error that's showing up in Console when I try and launch:

3/8/13 1:26:17.007 PM[132]: ([0x0-0xfe5fe5].com.jzdesign.finalhours[30545]) Exited with code: 4
最后由 ddaydj 编辑于; 2013年3月8日下午3:29
Dudevid 2013年3月8日下午5:26 
Doesn't work for me either. Have tried the Adobe Air update. Restarted. Nothing.
seanjhealy 2013年3月9日上午2:39 
Same here.
TormenT 2013年3月9日上午3:25 
i'll try adobe air (wich isn't installed) for now i use parallels with bootcamp, works fine. thanks :)
ayo 2013年3月9日上午4:19 
same here 10.8.2
peterobbin 2013年3月11日上午9:32 
same here. 10.8.2 with latest adobe air.
Gallant_Talent 2013年3月15日上午4:32 
Same here. I have air installed and using 10.8.2.
craiggreer 2013年3月16日下午8:03 
same here wont boot up all latest adobe products its broken please fix
Odin73 2013年3月22日上午10:00 
I cannot start either. Have to spec Macbook Pro. installed Adobe Air after reading here. No difference. aaarrrgh!
venrondua 2013年3月24日下午5:32 
I'm having problems and have submitted to Steam Support to ask about it. If it's not available for the Mac then I will likely ask for a refund. Kinda funny how something that isn't even a game can't launch. =(
amurgaming 2013年3月25日下午1:56 
The same problem here. I am curious about the game and this is the perfect thing to spend some time with the game while waiting for the mac version (already announced).

I am currently in touch with customer support and the first response I got was a suggestion that my steam folder might be corrupt. Didn't work though.
sskursov 2013年3月26日下午6:26 
I have the same problem. Macbook Pro, installed Adobe Air. The Question for Steam Support - When we will have the working version of Tomb Raider !????!
peterobbin 2013年3月26日下午10:07 
They should fix this or pay our money back! This can't be the folder problem since there's so many mac user have the same problem.
amurgaming 2013年3月28日下午12:16 
Still in touch with support, no solution or answer yet.
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