The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief

The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief

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Bought the PreSales version, but cannot find the Digital Delux Content

I bought the PreSales version for Linux and the game is really fantastic! Thanks for this game.

But, small question: Where can I find the Digital Deluxe Content? In the game there is an "Extra" option, but all sections such as "Soundtrack" are locked.
How can I enable them so I can (for example) use the Soundtrack on my MP3 -player?

Thanks for answering my question.
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Droyd Sep 12, 2013 @ 4:27am 
VD, I haven't bought The Raven, so I cannot comment with 100% certainty - but, for that matter, can anything ever be said with 100% certainty...anyway - but in regards to Steam Games with certain Extra Content, you may have to look into your other options from your Library.

There are 2 Methods of doing this (at least on how I do it.)

1) Hover your Mouse Cursor over the word "Library" on your Steam Window. The word shows up next to "Store" and "Community." When you hover your Mouse Cursor over it, you should see the options; All Games / All Software / Recent / Installed / Favorites / Media / Tools / Downloads(?) Now, you will want to check through Media or Tools (more than likely in Tools.) Scroll down the List of various Content you may have from other games until you find the content from The Raven. From there, you can just Download the Content as if it were a Game.

2) If you don't follow Method 1, you can instead of letting your Mouse Cursor hover over the option of "Library," click on the actual word "Library" which will bring you to your Library. From there, look for a Drop-Down Menu for the All Games / All Software / Recent / Installed / Favorites / etc. / etc. Then just continue to search through the List from Media or Tools, and go ahead and Download them like you would a game.
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