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Princess Casey Jul 3 @ 6:03am
I had this game on the original xbox, I never finished it and would love to give it a second go. However I remeber that when playing as a shooting character you could just walk backwards while firing and nothing would ever touch you, or at least anything that had a melee attack, is this still the case or did it get fixed?

This isn't a deal breaker for me or anything I would just like to know.


Casey x
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Lapis Jul 3 @ 7:13am 
You can still backstrafe. Walking backwards is slower than running forwards though. Really though it doesn't matter, because you can just as easily, turn, run away, face the enemy again and shoot and they still won't be able to touch you.
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Princess Casey Jul 3 @ 10:18am 
Oh, in that case it sounds like they did tweak it a little then, it was a long time ago but I seemed to remeber that you moved just as quickly and even though people were swiping at you in your face it was doing no damage, it was such a beautiful game for its time though and I'd really like to play it again!
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