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SXX Jan 31, 2014 @ 7:12pm
Hardware Compatibility And Expected Performance
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SXX Jan 31, 2014 @ 7:17pm 
Warning for Linux (SteamOS) and Mac OS X users
This section based on information about Windows drivers quality and bugs, but situation on Linux and Mac might be different.

Mac OS X users might check this topic:
Known Issues of OS X version[]

GNU/Linux might check list of known issues of Linux version. Please keep in mind that game will only work properly with most recent proprietary and open source drivers so make sure your distribution provide them.

Is my graphics/video card (GPU) supported?
This game need latest video card drivers (to get latest drivers check this topic), but most of video cards produced since 2007 is supported. Keep in mind that old low-end graphics cards might have really poor performance.

Important note: video cards with at least 1GB of GDDR5 will perform much better and 2GB+ of GDDR5 is recommended for anyone who want to use middle or high settings.

Not supported graphics cards:
  • Nvidia GeForce 7 Series (7***) and older.

  • ATI Radeon X1*** and older.

  • Intel onboard (integrated into motherboard) graphics
    Mobile Intel 4 Series Express
    Intel G33/G31 Express
    Intel 82945G Express

  • 1st generation (Intel Ironlake) of Intel CPU-integrated graphics.
    This is also affect Arrandale CPUs: Celeron P4600, Pentium P6100

Supported graphics cards with known problems:
  • Laptops with Nvidia GPUs on Windows Vista.
    Unfortunately Nvidia dropped driver updates for laptops on Vista so there is no guarantee game will work at all. Though upgrade to Windows 7 will let game to run.

  • PA#2098[] - Missing cursor in full screen mode. GPU driver bug.
    Affected hardware/software:
    • All AMD GPUs on Windows Vista.
    • ATI/AMD GPUs using legacy drivers: HD2XXX HD3XXX HD4XXX except Windows 8.1
    • All Nvidia GPUs on Vista. Task PA#3886[]

  • PA#3745[] - ATI/AMD HD3XXX series GPU lockups, PC freezes. GPU driver bug.

My laptop with Intel integrated graphics can't run this game?
Only small subset of low-end laptops that can't run this game due to lack of required features.

Most of laptops produced after 2010 have newer Intel CPUs: Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge and Haswell. Integrated graphics of those laptops can run this game: Intel HD2000/3000 and newer.

Still target iGPU for minimum requirements it's Ivy Bridge graphics: Intel HD2500/4000.
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SXX Feb 13, 2014 @ 5:40am 
Is this game actually need so much RAM?
Yes. Many games state 4-8GB RAM in system requirements, but never actually use more than 1-2GB RAM, but this game is different. It's engine designed with 64-bit architecture in mind and it's actually use lot of memory.

You'll able to participate some games with only 4GB RAM, but for many large scale battles 6-8GB is required. Minimal memory usage depends on number of planets and their size: each large planet can use 1-2GB RAM depends on used biome and number of objects. Planets with lot of cracks and mountains use a lot of RAM.

If your PC only have 2-3GB RAM this game won't work.
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SXX Feb 13, 2014 @ 5:48am 
Can this game work on a 32bit operating system (OS)?
There is 32-bit version, but at moment it's work bad due to 32-bit OS memory limits.
Here is topic which contain proper explanation of that problem:
If you use proposed workaround game will able to use more memory and it's should work properly, but upgrade to 64-bit OS is recommended.

PS: There is no 32-bit support for Linux and it's not planned.
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SXX Feb 13, 2014 @ 6:05am 
Warning about data transfer rates / internet connection speed
Megabits per second (Mb/s or Mbps) is widely used as the unit of measurement for data transfer rates most ISP (Internet Service Provider) use for measurement of connection speed. Here is good article about data rate units on Wikipedia:

Short explanation:
  • Mb/s - megabit per second.
  • MB/s - megabyte per second.
Eight megabit equal one megabyte so connection speed of 8Mb/s is equal to 1MB/s.

Is my internet connection speed good to play online?
Keep in mind this game won't have offline mode till release. Even if you only play with AI persistent internet connection is required. It's doesn't matter if you play with AI or real player; connection usage will always be same.

At least 2Mb/s (megabit per second) download speed required, but it's will be pretty useful if you have 4-5Mb/s. This game using client-server architecture and it's require faster internet connection than most of other games, especially other RTS.

How do I check my internet connection speed?
If you not sure what connection speed you have check it using this website:
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SXX Feb 13, 2014 @ 6:39am 
Is network latency important for this game?
This game is client-server and it's less sensitive to network latency (ping) than other RTS. So if you have enough download speed you should be fine. For example US players can play just fine on EU servers and even for players from exotic regions higher latency game still playable.

Current server regions are: USCentral, EUWest, Australia

Only players from Southern Africa countries reported latency issues.
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SXX Feb 13, 2014 @ 7:13am 
Why game work so slow on my gaming laptop?
Most of laptops on market have hybrid graphics: Nvidia Optimus or AMD Power Express.

Hybrid graphics mean laptop have two graphics cards: slow integrated and high performance discrete. By default this game using integrated graphics and you need to manually configure your drivers to run game on discrete graphics card.

You can find more details and video how-to's in this topic:
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SXX Feb 13, 2014 @ 7:21am 
Will my PC run this game?
It's most popular answer on this forums and there is no simple answer on it, but I'll help you with that. One of biggest advantages of this game is scalability and this mean you can play 1v1 game on small moon or large 5v5 game with multiple large planets.

There is multiple factors that affect performance:
  • Size and number of planets. Solar systems with 2-3 small planets obviously less hardware-demanding than solar system with 3-5 large planets.

  • Biome and generation settings of planets. Planets with tons of objects on surface are more hardware-demanding.
    So moon or metal planets can have 3-5 times better framerate than earth/lava planets with lot of mountains or trees.

  • Number of units and effects on screen. There is no unit cap and it's mean number of units limited by production capabilities.

  • Bigger planets or just more planet require more video memory. You can check video memory usage using Ctrl+P (press twice).If VRAM usage goes beyond memory your video card has it's can cause serious performance drop.

So depends on many factors you can play this game on on some laptop with 4GB of RAM and integrated graphics or it's can "lag" on high end desktop PC. So it's up to you to choose proper game scale your hardware can handle.

Also keep in mind this game is not finished and performance optimizations isn't done yet.
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SXX Feb 15, 2014 @ 8:41pm 
Is this game need powerful CPU?
One of main concepts of this game is client-server architecture where most of CPU-intensive tasks done by host/server while client it's only lightweight viewer. For now CPU only actively used in planet generation that done on client. If your CPU are slow you'll need to wait before planet generation finished for extra 10-30 seconds, but everyone in community understand that so you won't have any problems with that in MP.

Still there is number of advice might help you: make sure you have all recent OS updates, if you use anti-virus software enable game mode while playing, make sure there is no CPU-intensive software running in background. If you follow advice you should be fine.
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SXX Oct 15, 2014 @ 9:21pm 
What is requirements for offline or LAN game?
First of all your OS have to be 64-bit.
There is no plans for 32-bit server.

The spec that the server looks for to run locally is the same as game recommended spec:
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Quad core CPU
You can override this by setting Local Server to "ON", which means it will try and use a local server for everything - except online hosted games, which still go through Uber's online server management.

What is requirements for hosting online game or standalone server?
Main requirement of hosting online game is upstream bandwidth. You need to have at least 2 Mb/s for each connected player and for long game with many thousands of units it's have to be 5 Mb/s per player.

So for 6 players game you need to have 20-25 Mb/s of upstream connection speed.

Where can I read more information about server and offline?
There is special topic you can read:
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