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One of greatest parts about participating in the alpha is .... participating in the alpha! Please head over to the PA Alpha Forum and say hello:


This forum is limited to players who are currently participating in the alpha. It's full of quality discussion by members who are passionate about helping create the best RTS possible. As well as up-to-date help and tips, the dev team interacts closely with the community and you can watch the process of game design and development unfold before your eyes. PA has been a community driven project from the outset, and continues to be a community driven project on an ongoing basis. So, if you're a part of our community, come make your voice heard!

Already bought the game? Don't care about pricing? Just too lazy to make it over to the Uber Forums? There is a Steam forum only accessible to community members who have purchased PA on Steam. Come on over for more focused and friendly game discussion:

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