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Vision Puzzles: Solved!
by Shari-Li
How to solve all Kairo vision puzzles. Enter the portals to new areas. Get the following achievements: Sound Of Progress, A Problem Shared & Art Lover. ...
100% video guide!
by Mr. Roboto
Video guide with commentary to help....
Lighthouse Keeper
by Fer82
All six Lighthouse rune locations with images....
Tower Climber
by Fer82
All six Tower rune locations with images....
by Fer82
All six garden runes collected....
Secret Areas: Unlocked!
by Shari-Li
Secret areas uncovered. Get the following achievements: Locked Door Puzzle & A Different Purpose....
A Small Guide to the Artworks in Kairo (still in progress)
by Gordelphus
This is a guide for anyone interested in the origin of the artworks and other images used in several places in the game. This is not a guide for how to complete any of the puzzles in Kairo, or for any other aspects of the gameplay. It is purely for curios...
Достижения 100%
by ☭ Litenant666
Получение достижений в Kairo. Satellites.Inc...
"Lighthouse Keeper" achievement bug fix/руководство по получению достижения
by Doomer
Руководство по получению этого несколько глючного достижения. Guide for little bugged "Lighthouse Keeper" achievement....