The Last Remnant

The Last Remnant

billy Aug 6, 2013 @ 4:04pm
Eagle's Nest battle , lol , just got my butt kicked.
I've only tried it twice and got horribly murdered , my problem with this battle is not so much the difficulty but the incredible difficulty jump . Makes no sense you play for around 20 hours enjoying the game , battles seems reasonably easy with the odd harder battle then WHAM!! a battle 10 times harder than any other battle .

Think i'm battle rank 34 and not struggled then suddenly i can be instantly wiped out . If luck is not going your way you are screwed. It's a pretty insane battle really when taking into account was has gone before and the fact two crits in a row can just decimate you.

I looked at some tips , most of them consisting of specific spells or items ive never heard of or just saying " its easy newb get better or quit' :) . i'll try it again later as i think i know the theory behind winning but still unsure as it was so easy to get unlucky once and be screwed. Maybe just standing still at start and getting enough AP to use the 2 big special spells david and rush have? Though those options seems to only pop up for no reason sometimes.

Seems like a battle i'm going to be reloading alot relying on not missing with big skills and not being critted with big spells . I don't like reloading with my fingers crossed
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Zloth Aug 6, 2013 @ 6:38pm 
It's harder but not really a difficulty spike, IMHO. It's actually more of a learning spike. If you haven't learned about getting as many flanks as you can or the basics of setting up some decent unions then it's going to be rough. If you keep your save from right before this battle and try it again after you finish the game, you'll find it isn't really as difficult as you thought.

Unfortunately, it's VERY hard to tell what the problem is. Knowing your BR helps but not nearly enough. People saying to use powers you've never heard of could mean that you've been reading posts from people who exploit the learning system so they can sleepwalk through the rest of the game. It could also mean that you haven't been challenging yourself by grouping multiple enemies with Rush's timeshift thing so you've been doing nothing but easy battles and your characters haven't learned much.

Forcing them to come to you is definitely a good idea. When they do get in range, ganging up on a single enemy union can help quite a bit. Make sure you've spread healers around, too, and double check to make sure you aren't low on any components you need for herbs.

If you're still having problems, it would be nice if you could take a video of it and post it so we can evalutate what's going on. To date, nobody has done that, so I suppose you could also just post a blow by blow of who attack what and also a quick list of who was in what union.
billy Aug 6, 2013 @ 6:59pm 
i've always done as many monster links as i can as a general rule. Got at least 2 healers in every group . Got loads of herbs. Recruited some decent heroes from side quests. I tend to have 2 groups of melee and one caster group.

i'll post more details if i need more help after ive had a chance to have another go. I feel like i was competent as i havent struggled in the slightest and got decent heroes , people with hexes, couple of rangers who's spells and attacks sem good. My melee seemed to do good damage , plenty of people with restore 4 , spells to cure me etc.... its the insane damage that kills me if they get a crit or 2.

Feel like ive done everything sensible and well , as good as a first time player who's decent at these types of games could do. Im's sure if i was on my 2nd playthrough gaming the system id do a lot better obviously but you cant expect that just playing the game and running into this fight.

wish me luck. I dont want to have to quit bcause i cant be bothered reloading a battle over and over waiting for luck.
Zloth Aug 6, 2013 @ 9:21pm 
Hmmm, from the sound of it you don't need luck. You just need a lack of bad luck. ;)

There's always the question of how much to spread out. More unions gives more flexibility and more flanking morale boosts but, if you do too much, your union HP will be too small and they'll get killed too easily. Once you get the basics down, balancing between many/few unions is typically the next thing to try.
Lou Aug 7, 2013 @ 1:54am 
If all else fails you can keep retrying it until David's or Pagus' screen clearing ultimate attack happens. XD

My setup is one group of people with revitalize and resurrect, the rest of my groups are pure damage. Spells like caustic blast or evocations are a big help for fights like these.
Zettai Yami Aug 7, 2013 @ 10:34am 
Like yourself, it took me a few tries to do it. make sure you have david as a union leader as gae bolg helps alot. make sure you attack the two unions on the right at first then move over to the rest. the women boss (forgot her name) is easier to defeat first. good luck. happy gaming ^^
Dothack Aug 7, 2013 @ 1:24pm 
BR 34?
I'm on the way to nagapur and I'm BR 41... Now I'm scared ;_;
Swelly Aug 11, 2013 @ 1:03pm 
I just completed this battle yesterday, I believe at BR 37. I may have died once, or I'm confusing that battle with The Crimson Falcons: Part 2 (which was much more difficult for me, damn birds...).

As Zloth said, it's difficult to tell you what you need to change, if anything. But what I found myself doing (also in TCF: Pt2) is to march (preferably long-range attack if you can, which will still march you towards the target) all your unions towards the groups farthest away from the big threats. You should be able to knock out all the unions on that side of the map while the rest of the enemies are spending a turn marching towards you (especially if you have some decent ways to long-range attack).

Deadlock the big general once he gets close, preferably with your most defensive union, so he can't flank anyone, and let your other unions clear out the smaller groups. The lady general was a joke, at least during my battle, and wasn't much of a concern.

A tip I will give that helped me pretty significantly: If a union absolutely needs reviving and there are multiple enemy unions, use a deadlocked union to revive them. Vivification herb + revitalize will fully heal the dead, and hopefully you have at least one more healer to heal the reviving group as well.

Yes, that group will be open to a raid lock, but unless you had to break away from the biggest threat, both groups should survive, and you come out ahead at the end of the turn. I'm sure others may disagree with this strategy, but in my experience if I try to use an open union to revive, they end up getting intercepted on their way there.

Furthermore, your deadlocked unions will always act before your open ones (in my experience at least), and in the order of their commands (Deadlocked Union #1 acts first, then next deadlocks down the line, then your open unions). Use this knowledge to choose how many actions you want to be taken, and which enemy to break away from, before your group runs away to revive the dead.
Zloth Aug 12, 2013 @ 6:49pm 
I use that deadlock strategm a lot, actually - ESPECIALLY against bosses. If you've got two unions deadlocking the boss then it's really easy to break one away. You can't get raidlocked by the boss because it's already deadlocked with your other union!
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