The Last Remnant

The Last Remnant

Zloth Jul 20, 2013 @ 10:09am

The above got me thinking - just what achievements would be good for this game? The XBox version has some[] but, honestly, they are kinda meh. (Plus I'm in a listy mood this morning...)

  • Various main story advancements achievements with hidden names.
  • Underground Trade - finished Trade Route
  • Remember Me - finished Amnesia
  • Silver Falcon - finished the Silver Falcons' quest line
  • Marriage Councilor - finished When the Rose Blooms
  • Champ - finished The Standoff
  • Path of Revenge - finished Hatred's End
  • Dragonslayer - finished Rainbow Bond (this is on XBox)
  • Geezerslayer - beat Milton in The Wanderer
  • Shard Collector - used all 9 shards in The Fiery Revolt
  • The Ugly Man - finish Loki's quest line
  • Remnant Forge - use the tablet to transform a remnant
  • Dream's Edge - finished Things Unchangeable
  • Felled the Fallen - finished The Fallen
  • Peacemaker - finished Love Will Rise Again
  • Tower Attack - finished The Desert's Legend
  • Lab Assistant - finished The Assistant
  • Committe Adjurned - finished The Ladies of Bloody Alice
  • Can I Have a Ride? - finished UFO!?
  • Shopper - finished History's Boundary
  • Pretty Flowers! - complete The Fated One
  • Status Reporter - completed The Gates of Deceit and Sword of the Dead
  • Godslayer - defeated Demigod
  • Finder - defeated The Lost
  • Wizard Dragonslayer - defeated Eldritch Dragon
  • 7 - 7 = 0 - defeated the Enligtened Seven
  • Non-standard - defeated Cyclops Standard Model
  • Inconceivable! - defeated the White Conqueror
  • Closed the Gates of Hell - defeated The Fiery Gates
  • Fallen Idols - defeated the idols in Draken Forest
  • Regicide - defeated the Jhana Royals
  • With My Last Breath I Strike at Thee - attack with a union that has just 1hp
  • Chaingun - Build a battle chain of over 200
  • Not So Rare - fight at least 3 rare monsters in a single battle
  • A badge for every leader. Some are already above because they have an interesting series of quests. Others might reward for getting their bonus stat, using a remnant art ("Death Star" for Gaou using Zeal's Virtue), getting their unique stat up to a certain point, or doing some specific task ("Best Move I Ever Saw" for Darien delivering the death blow to a rare/boss dragon). They shouldn't be too terribly hard, especially for characters that are hard to get in the first place like the Seven or Wyngale.
  • Fisher of People - get the badge for every human leader (does not include the 7)
  • Fisher of Rabbits - get the badge for every Qsiti leader (same)
  • Fisher of Wolves - get the badge for every Sovani leader (same)
  • Fisher of Fish - get the badge for every Yama leader (same)
  • Chef - split 100 monsters
  • Miner - max out Mr. Diggs
  • One Shot Kill - win a battle with one attack (presumably an Arcane) {Can this actually be done?}
  • Heavy Impact - have a character max out Invocations (i.e. learn Grenade Impact 5)
  • Evocative - have a character max out Evocations
  • Deadly Debuffer - have a character max out Hexes
  • Great Kisser - have a character learn Kiss of Life 5 (ok, so it isn't maxxing out, I can't resist the name - you're lucky I didn't pick "Silent but Deadly" for hexes!)
  • Morale Authority - max out psionics
  • Shield of Athlum - max out Wards
  • Plant Power - max out Herbs
  • Master Brewer - max out Potions
  • Creamy Goodness - max out Lotions
  • Bomb Voyage - max out Explosives
  • Crystal Mage - max out Shards
  • Ranger - max out Traps
  • Shield Bearer - max out a one handed weapon
  • Better with Two - max out a power grip weapon
  • Ambidexterous - max out dual weild
  • Big Stick - max out two-handed
  • Blade Storm - max out quad weild
  • The Two Poles - max out dual two-handed
  • The Unioned Seven - have 7 unions on your side (yep, it can be done without hacking)
  • Master of Cups - get rank 5 in the Golden Chalace
  • Master of Swords - get rank 5 in the Sword of the 3 Realms
  • Master of Rings - get rank 5 in the Ring of the Labyrinth
  • Revenge is Best Served Cold - defeat Hinnah and/or Hannah with Twin Snowpetal
  • Winner - Win the game killing Bai Ze no more than once and killing no more than 150 land worms in Wisdom's Echo
  • You Die Now - build Lævateinn or any other weapon with Insta-kill
  • Cicada Killer - defeat the 17 year-old Larvae
  • Rapid Advancement - learn 10 new skills in a single battle
  • Target Rich Environment - Chain up at least 10 enemies for a single battle
  • Blonde Bombshell - have at least one character KO'd by the Catapult attack
  • Liver for Dinner - defeat Prometheus (I *really* hate having to hunt that rare down to get my guild advancement, I think we should get something for it)
  • Swiper No Swiping! - Split up Dora for parts

    Hey, if Civ 5 can have a jillion of these, so can we!
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igorc Aug 8, 2013 @ 11:35am 
Nice... and for who we need to request it? Please Foward that properly! ;)
Zloth Aug 8, 2013 @ 6:11pm 
That would be the Square/Enix forums, where you will find nothing whatsoever about this game. Well, maybe it's time to change that...
Concerto Aug 8, 2013 @ 8:27pm 
Achievments would be awesome for this game... However I think its way to far down the line for them to care much about adding them =\
Zloth Aug 8, 2013 @ 9:03pm 
Well, one does what one can[]. (Even if nobody laughs at your Dora the Explorer joke <sniffle>)
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Call Me A Hero Dec 17, 2014 @ 10:40am 
Nice hopefully they update it with achievements
Pepe Feb 21 @ 8:32am 
+1 for achievements!
Aasgardd Feb 21 @ 2:50pm 
Great list indeed Zloth, just think there should be 4 added for the count:

Treasure Maniac: Bind all treasure chests in the game
Guild Maniac: Complete all the guild tasks in Union of the golden Chalice, Sword of Three Realms and Ring of the Labyrinth.
and maybe this one: Multi-Dragonslayer (aplyed the multi since there is already one named dragonslayer): Kill every type of Dragons 10 times (abelysk, dragon, brynhildr and bai ze) or maybe kill all dragon types in the game, including every dragon boss.
And this one- Sealer of monsters: Defeat at the very least 20 monster unions using the mystic seal formation.
Indeed, the XBox achievments are quite lame.
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Lacs Feb 28 @ 6:25pm 
achievements! XD
watersplash Jun 8 @ 10:33am 
+1 for Achievements and Cards
Karl57 Jun 13 @ 3:45am 
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