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Sebastian Peril Oct 27, 2013 @ 8:29am
Ridiculously Flawed Combat
Overall I'm really enjoying the game as I progress through it on the Extreme difficulty setting but my god the combat is such a boring chore when you have more than three enemies. Is it this bad on lower difficulties?

I just came to the Mushroom Field and entered a small cave with about six molemen in it. The fights aren't difficult when you know what you are doing, they are just time consuming. Everything takes a monumental number of strikes to kill and you die very, very quickly so the only viable tactics appear to be roll, roll, strike, roll, rinse and repeat

Rolling around a donut-shaped cave for literally 10 minutes is not fun nor a challenge, it is dull and time consuming. Has anybody got any tips on making turgid monotony an exciting experience while I drudge through fights such as this one? :p
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Mr. Jakobsen. Oct 29, 2013 @ 6:02am 
You can try to do as I do, and sneak up behind the enemies to knock them out, this will work throughout the most of the Mushroom Fields, and any later combats.

I managed to knock ALL the moles out, in the mushroom level, but I always went back to the door, from I came, and Quicksaved the game, (don´t Quicksave unless you´re sure there are no visible contacts to your enemys) and then I went back to the Mushroom room and knock another one out, went back to the door and quicsaved etc. until they all were dead.

In the Mushroom Field you will only be avaible to fight the moles once, they do not respawn for another combat, as most other of the enemies does, if you remember NOT to kill them (the humans).

I´m in my third playthrough to ensure I got all the Steamassets unlocked.

Hope it was a little help?
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