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PheonixGRX Aug 13 @ 1:22am
Missing SNES
Am I the only one that noticed that in Sam's room (At least I think it is hers) they have no Snes, only cables, yet in the trailer it shows the Snes is still there?
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mendel Aug 13 @ 4:56am 
There's a reason for that - the same reason why there's no VCR in the house. It makes sense that the SNES should be there in the Gone Home: Riot Grrrl Style Now trailer, but what doesn't make sense is that this trailer shows Kaitlin's luggage.
eon Aug 17 @ 5:03am 
I thought Sam borrowed the SNES from a friend, or was it just Street Fighter?
PheonixGRX Aug 17 @ 7:51am 
she only mentions the games, not the actual console. Although it would make sense that Sam took the Snes with her when she left, and to explain the bags, I guess they arrived in the morning, Sam left in the evening, and then Katie arrived at night.
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