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ninjackisback Mar 9, 2014 @ 6:09pm
How to start and play mods on the Vanilla Quake 2 Engine
Can someone please tell me how to run mods on Quake 2?
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PeNdEjO! Mar 18, 2014 @ 4:51pm 
create a shortcut, then edit like that: quake2.exe +set game MY_MOD_NAME
ninjackisback Mar 25, 2014 @ 8:40pm 
How do you edit the game's .exe?
3DMightyMouse Mar 26, 2014 @ 6:43am 
You right-click quake2.exe and select create shortcut. Then you right-click the shortcut and select properties. Then you add +set game MY_MOD_NAME to the end of the target string that's already there.

However you can also change game while already playing by bringing down the console and typing game my_mod_name. This also works for Quake1. However in Quake3 fs_game seems to be write protected.

All steam installations have baseq2 and ctf, try typing 'game ctf' then type 'map q2ctf1'. To go back type 'game baseq2' then type 'map base1'. Type 'deathmatch 0' if you want to enable single player.
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