nbrocky  [developer] Nov 5, 2013 @ 4:16am
Forum Rules - Please READ before posting
Although we appreciate constructive criticism, when a new game is released we've often seen destructive criticism and personal insults aimed at SI staff and the forum moderating team and this simply cannot be tolerated. This form of criticism not only spreads false information about game development, but poisons the forum experience for all our users, including those employed by SI. These forums, alongside the SI Community Forums are intended to be a source of help and information to SI's consumer base, and this purpose is obscured when members have to spend inordinate lengths of time defending themselves against snipes, insults, deliberate falsehoods, prejudiced misinterpretations and destructive attacks on their integrity and ability.

We feel that certain users' posts over-step the mark in terms of the above and therefore we have procedures to address this. We understand that our community is incredibly passionate about the game and very much wants every new incarnation of Football Manager to be our best. We as a developer share that – we want FM to be the best Football Management experience our users have ever encountered.

We really do value constructive feedback. The game simply wouldn’t be what it is today without the huge amount of support, feedback and suggestions we’ve received over the years. It’s just when users overstep the line, including personal attacks on SI employees and moderators and a plethora of posts which seem intended to start arguments rather than generate constructive critical debate, we have to take stronger action. We would love to become more engaged with these as well as our own forums.. Therefore if anyone posts in a manner which is continually disrespectful, either to the developers, moderators or other users they will be banned.