Company of Heroes 2
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CoH2 Avatars and portraits v2 (fresh and new)
โดย Cultist_kun
Here you can find all coh2 units icons and portraits, that could be used as avatars anywhere you want. If you want to use one of them, you should: 1) Click on the image you want to use 2) Copy paste url of this image in your browser 3) save on your...
Advanced Super Stalin Human Waves Tactics
โดย [ ]RandomNub0815
The "Advanced Super Stalin Human Waves Tactics" continue the way of the classic and stylish "Super Stalin Wave Tactics", but now 250% better! With the "Advanced Super Stalin Human Waves Tactics" you are faster in Berlin, as the Germans can eat their Sau...
campaigns & battles with Germany & Russia
โดย .☠. LLDH | oOIYvYIOo
Com este guia eu vou tentar compartilhar meu jogo com este mod e espero que eu possa ajudar os outros e ser ajudado. With this guide i will try to share my game play with this mod and hopefully i can help others and be helped. [url=http://www.youtub...
Vodka soda! How to have fun/win as the Russians! And the basics
โดย YoYopuppet
An awesome guide, to and how.... Win as the Russians. Because thats how you have fun. Including!! Basics of gameplay and maps. Lend lease tactics and shock rifle frontline tactics And several basics stuff for new comers and total whack... I mean noo...