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Blitzkrieg how to use it in game
by PanzerMeyer (Kurt Meyer)
Lighting War blitzkrieg it took over almost all of Europe and parts of North Africa. This is how you use it in company of heroes and what commanders you should use for it....
American/Soviet Combined Tactics
by PlaiN_Bacca
This guide will hopefully share some usefull tips that will help newer players based on my experiences in the CoH2. This is not a pro guide, as it is just based off of my experience, so it is only containing what I know, and some mistakes I see newer play...
Bütün OKW komutanları ve ability leri
by burak
OKW ve komutanları ve bunların ability leri hakkında bilgiler....
Conscripts Support Commander
by PanzerMeyer (Kurt Meyer)
This commander may look like is sucks but I will tell you this it doesn't anymore! I will help you to make this one comander one of the best in the company of heroes! JK but i will make it so people will use it more....
OKW Guide [rus]
by Huxley
Базовая тактика за OKW 2vs2 3vs3 4vs4...
Тактика Механизированного Штурма
by Wüstenfuchs
В данном руководстве я попытаюсь рассмотреть и объяснить принципы игры за одного из лучших (читать как "имбовых") командиров Вермахта....
Recon Support Company
by MathiasCZR01
Hello and Welcome. For this doctrine guide I will be dicussing in-depth about the special abilties and units of the US Recon Support Company. The purpose of this is to show the different kinds of tactics and tricks that can be used to your advantage while...
Тактика игры за US Forces. Три лучших командира демократии.
by Wüstenfuchs
Osttruppen: The Relentless Storm
by PanzerJuice
Hello and welcome, fellow players! For this guide I will be discussing in-depth the units and abilities of the Osttruppen Doctrine of the Ostheer faction, and how to use them to their fullest potential in a team-based match. By the guide's end, I hope you...
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