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The T70 terror
by At0micB1scuit
A in depth guide on the litle killing machine that is the T70...
Soviet Union, how to claim victory for komrad Stalin, the guide
by isador
A guide for both new and experienced players explaining the units and strategies that can be employed by the Soviet Union....
Comprehensive Multiplayer Wehrmact Guide
by Ojm25
This guide is primarily for beginners on Company of Heroes who are playing as Wehrmact, It will however go through some more advanced methods too....
How to win in urban maps (Soviets)
by ThePresidente
If you lose evry time you play urban maps,if your tanks blow up evry time you enter in a town, you don't know how to defend an urban area form german attacks and if you get allways a 500-0 when you play city maps well this is the perfect guide for you! H...
Major Tom's Manual to Ardennes Assault
by Major Tom
Manual for kraut destruction and battlefield management. If I'm missing out on some information, please type it out on the comments section. Thanks :D This is also my first guide. Soooo. 3 Stars! :D Good enough for me, thanks guys! Edit: 4 Stars! Re...
Loss Reduction & Teamwork - WIP
by xpiredmilk
Quick tips and strategies to help you achieve victory. This guide specializes in a minimal loss approach - if you find yourself with an unfavourable kill death ratio, than this guide is for you....
OKW early to mid game tactics
by Herr Koala
In this Guide, I (currently ranked roughly 550 in OKW 2v2) will teach you how to get yourself into a superior position in early to mid game, securing vital points on the map and counter various threats, including both soviets and american foes. I will ...
Western fronts: (HISTORICALLY ACCURATE!!) OKW Complete Overview, spec ops tactics, and prototype weaponry overview. (RE POST)
by Rena Star
Steam illegally banned my other guide cause the moderators said i broke the rules and didn't give me fair trial. I asked them nicely to un ban it, but they denied my Legally proven of innocence request. So now I will repost this guide for you all :) god b...
Ostheer 2v2 Strategy: Combined Arms
by HelpingHans
Communication at the Core A successful 2v2 team at its core comes down to excellent communication. Without this you can never expect to win against the more competitive teams. This strategy is no exception and has even more emphasis on communi...
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