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A way to play the Osttruppen Doctrine
by -Perfect Insanity-
Here is a way to play the osttruppen doctrine. Maybe they are not easy to play and can seem useless, but I have victoriously used that manner of playing them....
Theater of War General (21 Mar 2015 Updated) / Achievement Wins
by Siu-King**
I'm top 50 in 2v2 Axis. I have seen many players think that Theater of War on General Difficulty being nearly impossible, or some achievements too tricky to get. In this guide, I will give you some tips to win these easily; the key is mainly...
Coh2 Unit Guide - The StuG III
by Arquey
CoH 2 Multiplayer unit guide The StuG III G is possibly one of the most overlooked units in the Ostheer arsenal in CoH2 multiplayer scene. Despite a glaring weakness, this unit has some suprisingly unique advantages which may win you that battle. Hopef...
Recrewing Abandoned Tanks/ Tank stealing achievements.
by Lt.Col. Anon XerØ
Swiper, no Swiping. Swiper, no Swiping! Swiper, no Swiping! AW GOD FUCKING DAMN IT, COME BACK HERE, I'LL SKIN YOU ALIVE, YOU BASTARD FOX. Panzer theft Recrew and repair a Panzer IV tank during the Winter Defense Challenge Winter Driver Recrew and ...
How to Rebind Hotkeys in Company of Heroes 2
by andy hi
A brief guide to rebinding hot keys in CoH2 using AutoHotKey...
Fortified Armor Strategies
by HelpingHans
Hey guys I'm HelpingHans who is top ranked 1v1 Player . Here is a link to my player card if you want to check: I have written this guide to help those who are struggli...
14 глав одиночки. 14 chapters singles(lone)
by maclord40k
Может поможет кому-нибуть пройти не переигрывая по 10 раз один и тот же уровень или просто для тех кто первый раз играет в CoH чтобы много не пи...
Rocket Recovery - Achievement Screenshots Guide
by LuKyno ツ
This screenshot guide will help you to find all Katyushas trucks during the Indirect Fire Challenge. Feel free to leave comments with tips to help me improve this and future guides. Voting is voluntary ツ Thanks and enjoy!...
Launching CoH 2 without Intro
by |E~C| Tiger
Prevent your mind from boring intros and fill with enthusiasm by fast starting of Company of Heroes 2! This Guide for CoH1 ...
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