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Decal Mod Guide
by TheNormalStefan [GR]
In this guide I will show you how to create a decal mod step by step....
An Infantry Combat Primer
by Field Marshal Sad Keanu
In this guide, my intent is to cover the basic aspects of infantry play, especially as heavy vehicle call-ins have now been capped and some types of team-weapons have been buffed in important ways....
Adding an image to your mod.
by Trigg
If you did not add an image when you created your mod, and decide to do so later, here is how to do it. ...
Обзор войск СССР/Review USSR units
by Emperor
Rifle Company
by MathiasCZR01
Hello and Welcome! This will be a detailed and in-depth look about one of the mostly commonly played American Doctrines in Company of Heroes 2. I will try and show you the abilties of this Company and try to reveal different kinds of tactics and strategie...
How to achieve final victory in CoH2
by BerethorMcBong
dis guide will teach u how to achieve final victory like some fuehrer wanted 2 do...
Recon Support Company
by MathiasCZR01
Hello and Welcome. For this doctrine guide I will be dicussing in-depth about the special abilties and units of the US Recon Support Company. The purpose of this is to show the different kinds of tactics and tricks that can be used to your advantage while...
Osttruppen: The Relentless Storm
by PanzerJuice
Hello and welcome, fellow players! For this guide I will be discussing in-depth the units and abilities of the Osttruppen Doctrine of the Ostheer faction, and how to use them to their fullest potential in a team-based match. By the guide's end, I hope you...
Mechanized Company
by MathiasCZR01
Hello and Welcome. Today I will be talking about in great depth and detail about the unique US doctrine known as the Mechanized Company. And I hope to show everyone in this guide how to use this Company in many different play-styles to use to your advanta...
Fractions-alliances-generals-units - statistical comparison / Fraktionen-Allianzen-Generäle-Einheiten - statistischer Vergleich
by Norrek
[Sprachen / languages: 1) De., 2) Eng.] 1) De.: (23. Mai 2015) Dieser Guide soll möglichst objektiv und relativ sachlich Company of Heroes 2 in Hinsicht auf seine Fraktionen und Einheiten analysieren und einen Blick auf das Spiel ermöglichen, den ...
Western Fronts U.S Forces Overview/Tactics
by Haru
This guide will teach newcomers all they need 2 know about the United States mainline forces, commanders, armored weaponry and tactics that can be used to defeat the German Army!...
Coh2 Unit Guide - The StuG III
by Arquey
CoH 2 Multiplayer unit guide The StuG III G is possibly one of the most overlooked units in the Ostheer arsenal in CoH2 multiplayer scene. Despite a glaring weakness, this unit has some suprisingly unique advantages which may win you that battle. Hopef...
Western fronts: (HISTORICALLY ACCURATE!!) OKW Complete Overview, spec ops tactics, and prototype weaponry overview. (RE POST)
by Haru
Steam illegally banned my other guide cause the moderators said i broke the rules and didn't give me fair trial. I asked them nicely to un ban it, but they denied my Legally proven of innocence request. So now I will repost this guide for you all :) god b...
[ToW] Case Blue - Kharkov Pursuit (General Difficulty)
by Dilophosaurus
A detailed step by step walkthrough for the Case Blue(DLC) Theater of War mission Kharkov Pursuit completed on general difficulty using freely available commanders and bulletins....
How to not suck at Company of heroes 2 (from somone who used to suck)
by Captain Ginyu
Not too long ago I found out a few key points that helped turn me from playing terribly at the game to being a pretty decent player, and in this guide I am going to share those things with you....
Company of Heroes 2 Theater of War Challenge Guide
by MaD_Animal (TGN Partner)
hi all if you like to know how to do the company of heroes 2 on Theater of War Challenge Guide then watch my videos on youtube Most Level's are ready to watch on Theater of War Challenge on General difficulty i hope you like all my video's. al...
[Deutsch] Super Stalin Human Waves Tactics
by [ ]RandomNub0815
Genossen, ihr wolltet schon immer wissen wir ihr Mütterchenrussland den Sieg über den deutschen Aggressor bringt? Nun ihn dieser Anleitung ist beschrieben wie man ganz schnell in Berlin landet und dort den Sieg über das Deutsche Reich feiert. Aber b...
Major Tom's Manual to Ardennes Assault
by Arci
Manual for kraut destruction and battlefield management. If I'm missing out on some information, please type it out on the comments section. Thanks :D This is also my first guide. Soooo. 3 Stars! :D Good enough for me, thanks guys! Edit: 4 Stars! Re...
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