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How to Rebind Hotkeys in Company of Heroes 2
by HappyPhace
A brief guide to rebinding hot keys in CoH2 using AutoHotKey...
Theater of War Easy General / Achievement Wins (Updated 4 Sept)
by Siu-King** [Germany]
I have seen many players think that Theater of War on General Difficulty being nearly impossible, or some achievements too tricky to get. In this guide, I will give you some tips to win these easily; the key is mainly smart choice of commanders...
Company of Heroes 2 Theater of War Challenge Guide
by MaD_TGN
hi all if you like to know how to do the company of heroes 2 on Theater of War Challenge Guide then watch my videos on youtube Most Level's are ready to watch on Theater of War Challenge on General difficulty i hope you like all my video's. al...
Basics of the Oberkommando West
by Viper123_SWE
This guide will cover the basics of the new Oberkommando West army, as well as some beginner tactics. I will not be doing any in-depth strategy talk that inlcudes stats/values, just purely the basics to allow you to quickly get familiar with the OKW....
(WIP) World Builder Beginner-to-Veteran Training
by «/★★★★★\» General Dracus «PA»
The purpose of this guide is to offer simple , clear and powerful explanations , tips and tricks as to how the CoH2 World Builder functions in order to help mappers or content creators in...
The Soviets for newbies
by Firebird
This guide is for those of you who love playing as the soviets but aren't very good i will teach you how to use soviet weaponry and defensive tactics...
Basics of the US Forces
by Viper123_SWE
This guide will cover the basics of the new US Forces army as well as basic tactics revolving around the US units. I will not be doing any in-depth analysis with statistics/values, it will be purely basic stuff covered in this guide....
Controlling the Battlefield: Hints and Tips
by Field-Marshal Sad Keanu
Through control groups, some fore-sight, and use of the mini-map, CoH2 can become easier to cope with and a little less stressful. Part of the issue with a RTS is that a single person only has such a level of attention, and if one cannot find ways to quic...
German build for beginners
by Bubba
This guide reviews an easy and effective early to mid-game build for the German side. I recently recommended it to a friend who was struggling, and they told me they have only lost one game since then....
A Comprehensive Soviet Unit and Meta Guide for Newbies (WIP)
by SirRagesAlot
A comprehensive guide to the, strengths, weaknesses, and meta to the Soviets in Company of Heroes 2. The intent of the guide is help players get a better grasp of the concepts of the Soviet vs Wermacht game. The intent of the guide is not to give an expl...
How to increase FPS?
Bad COH2 performance? Even on good rig? Alpha/Beta was running ok? What's wrong with final version? The answer is: Replays . There's no option to disable it, but i found other way to do so. What are You waiting for? Da! This will ...
CoH 2 Avatars (steam, forums, ect.)
by OberKubel West.
You can find any kind on CoH 2 avatars in this theard. From medic to shock troops. Jast come here and take....
Ultimate Guide to the Overwhelming Shock Troops
by madbull
This guide is intended to help fellow SU players understand how to use Shock Troops to their fullest. At least in my opinion, they are one of the few truly game changing units in the game (Panzer V Panther, Tiger, and Artillery pieces are the only other f...
Fortified Armor Strategies
by HelpingHans
Hey guys I'm HelpingHans who is top ranked 1v1 Player . Here is a link to my player card if you want to check: I have written this guide to help those who are struggli...
German Guide for playing AI (Updated 13 July)
by Aestris
This guide is made for improving your strategy, specifically against the AI as I am not one for playing against others competitively. Forward me your concerns or comments and they will be adressed. FAQ at the end. Early Game As expected, ...
[Soviet]Mine and Wire guide
Maximize the combat engineer's ability. Use mine and wire more effective. mine and wire are most useful tool to slow enemy' advance and make allies more safe;blocking most of flanking....
Launching CoH 2 without Intro
by |E~C| Tiger
Prevent your mind from boring intros and fill with enthusiasm by fast starting of Company of Heroes 2! This Guide for CoH1 ...
How to fix the Compatibility Mode Issue (Error / Start-up crash)
by Mindfields
Automatically setting a program in compatibility mode without telling user is supposedly a windows “feature” starting with Windows Vista and can't be turned off. Windows will sometimes automatically set a program to run in compatibility mode if the pr...
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