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(WIP) World Builder Beginner-to-Veteran Training
by «/★★★★★\» General Dracus «ΦΑ» ♣™
The purpose of this guide is to offer simple , clear and powerful explanations , tips and tricks as to how the CoH2 World Builder functions in order to help mappers or content creators in...
A Comprehensive Soviet Unit and Meta Guide for Newbies (WIP)
by SirRagesAlot
A comprehensive guide to the, strengths, weaknesses, and meta to the Soviets in Company of Heroes 2. The intent of the guide is help players get a better grasp of the concepts of the Soviet vs Wermacht game. The intent of the guide is not to give an expl...
Basics of the Oberkommando West
by Viper123_SWE
This guide will cover the basics of the new Oberkommando West army, as well as some beginner tactics. I will not be doing any in-depth strategy talk that inlcudes stats/values, just purely the basics to allow you to quickly get familiar with the OKW....
Basics of the US Forces
by Viper123_SWE
This guide will cover the basics of the new US Forces army as well as basic tactics revolving around the US units. I will not be doing any in-depth analysis with statistics/values, it will be purely basic stuff covered in this guide....
CoH 2 Avatars (steam, forums, ect.)
by Cultist_kun
You can find any kind on CoH 2 avatars in this theard. From medic to shock troops. Jast come here and take....
Тактика "Неутомимой борьбы" за СССР
by STALKER4732
Ultimate Guide to the Overwhelming Shock Troops
by M[A]DBuLL
This guide is intended to help fellow SU players understand how to use Shock Troops to their fullest. At least in my opinion, they are one of the few truly game changing units in the game (Panzer V Panther, Tiger, and Artillery pieces are the only other f...
Fortified Armor Strategies
by HelpingHans
Hey guys I'm HelpingHans who is top ranked 1v1 Player . Here is a link to my player card if you want to check: I have written this guide to help those who are struggli...
СССР - Тактика стремительного наступления
by Admetus
Данное руководство адресовано всем командирам ударных частей Красной Армии и будет полезно для прочтения, как неопытным командирам, так и ...
Тактика "Решающий удар" за Немцев
by STALKER4732
Super Stalin Human Waves Tactics
by RandomNub0815
The "Super Stalin Human Waves Tactics" are the Key to Berlin...
Company of Heroes 2 Buyer's Guide
by Zuckerhund ®
This is a general overview of the game with information on performance, singleplayer, multiplayer, and the community. The purpose of this guide is to give you a quick look into what to expect if you plan on buying this game....
US Forces Mega Manual, Basics to Tips!
by Void Splitter
This guide is for those who are looking for a guide on Basic unit Cost, abilites, upgrades; commanders; and some tips (including a secret tips). I Also included a section on the Weapon rack as well as how many weapons every infantry squad can pick up. ...
VonIvan's Unbeatable Soviet Strategy (Official)
by VonIvan
This is the Official Guide for VonIvan's Unbeatable Soviet Strat. This is also known as "Stalingrad Blitz Tactics". VonIvan is a top tier Soviet Player, currently ranked #5 as the Soviets, ( Soviet 1v1 Ladder Link )...
Eastern front: Russian army overview and tactics!
by Star
The "Elite troops" doctrine as we all know, is a real pain in the butt to handle. Early game it is handled with shock+script coordination, but late game no matter how much of the map you control, once the german player calls in the Tiger Ace, most of your...
"Доктрина с бабой" или Советская промышленность
by Ruslandeth
German Commander Overview
by gotrunks712
Provides a list of all German commanders, their command trees in game, and what source they come from (DLC, base game, deluxe edition, email registration, etc.)...
CoH2 commander tool
by Le Wish Have you ever wondered how much fuel the ISU-152 costs, how much population a pak43 uses or the duration of a strafing run? And have you ever wondered how many commanders have the shock troops? Or re...
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