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Как дефать базу [Немцы Германия]
by Серега<3
Как уничтожать танки ? [Советские танки]
by Серега<3
Советские танки значителньо хуже.Но у СССР есть преимущество. Танки быстро изготавливаются.Некоторые танки не приспособлены пробивать тя...
OKW Guide [rus]
by Clyde
Базовая тактика за OKW 2vs2 3vs3 4vs4...
Company of Heroes 2 Operation Barbarossa Missions 1# to 18#
by Blah F.U.B.A.R.
Company of Heroes gives players an interactive history lesson by allowing them to oversee some of the era's most devastating battles. Rather than continuing on the Western Front, the sequel depicts the brutal battles of the Eastern Front under Stalin's Re...
General use of Units in Multiplayer
by Kagami_Mochi
A guide to how units are generally used in CoH2. I will expand and update the guide as necessary over time. I was just focused on getting this thing done first. I'll add or change things as I experience them or others point out good ideas to mention b...
Elite Troops Doctrine Guide
by Earth
So commander you have come to get better at playing Elite Troops of German faction.Then let's begin to our guide.First of all when you start the game as Wehrmacht,you obviously need to build your Infantrie Kompanie. Then depends on the map if there i...
M20 Ace
by Cr Arrow -_B_G_-
Hello dear reader, if you've clicked this guide, it means that you're USA player, who wants to learn how to use the mighty M20, or other way round, you're Axis player, who wants to know how to defeat/counter M20. So in this guide, I'm going to tell you h...
Ostheer ( Wehrmacht ) Doctorinal Units Guide
by lonli
This is a guide that covers all of the non-standard units, units that are found in specific doctorines. That is why they are called "doctorinal" units. I will be covering the Ostheer (Wehrmacht) units exclusively in this guide....
Wehrmacht Ostheer, redoing operation Barbarossa
by isador
A guide for both new and experienced players explaining the units and strategies that can be employed by the Wehrmacht....
Multiplayer tactics part 2
by ╬PzAbt╬ Hellenictech
This is a multiplater guide about how to deal with allies during the whole game. In this guide will use spearhead doctrine....
How 2 deal with russian early game swag spam
by Le SS Doge
Dis will teach u how to act like a true SS german and rek lil russia cunts ...
German Mechanized Domination
by DoktorPsycho
This strat build around the German Mechanized Doctrine and is based on gathering intel and use it for your strikes. Enjoy!...
Multiplayer tactics part 1
by ╬PzAbt╬ Hellenictech
A tactic using wer, against experienced players. Excellent micro management is needed....
by Seregaya
В данном руководстве я помогу пройти вам миссию "Тигр-Ас" на уровне сложности "генерал" в ТВД "Операция Блау"....
Vodka soda! How to have fun/win as the Russians! And the basics
by SatanicOrca
An awesome guide, to and how.... Win as the Russians. Because thats how you have fun. Including!! Basics of gameplay and maps. Lend lease tactics and shock rifle frontline tactics And several basics stuff for new comers and total whack... I mean no...
tactique blindés russe
by [DGM] bigjack [★☆☆☰]
Ce guide aidera les joueurs russe de COH2 a utilisés pleinement les forces blindés soviétique léger,moyens,lourd dans toutes les situations et avec n importe commandants...
Coh2 Unit Guide - The StuG III
by Arquey
CoH 2 Multiplayer unit guide The StuG III G is possibly one of the most overlooked units in the Ostheer arsenal in CoH2 multiplayer scene. Despite a glaring weakness, this unit has some suprisingly unique advantages which may win you that battle. Hopef...
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