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by Seregaya
В данном руководстве я помогу пройти вам миссию "Тигр-Ас" на уровне сложности "генерал" в ТВД "Операция Блау"....
tactique blindés russe
by [DGM] bigjack [☆☆☆☰]
Ce guide aidera les joueurs russe de COH2 a utilisés pleinement les forces blindés soviétique léger,moyens,lourd dans toutes les situations et avec n importe commandants...
COH2 Spieltaktiken allgemein
by Commander ABC
Einige grundlegende Tipps, die eure Performance und eurer Verständnis für das Game deutlich verbessern können....
Comprehensive Multiplayer Wehrmact Guide
by PaNzEr FaUsT uR m0m
This guide is primarily for beginners on Company of Heroes who are playing as Wehrmact, It will however go through some more advanced methods too....
The V-2 Rocket
by ☜☆☞KURDOW☜☆☞
V-2 Rocket (Vergeltungswaffe 2 ''Retribution'' weapon) Type: single stage ballistic missile [Nazi Germany] How about a new long-range Weapon In-game? (Company of Heroes 2) for a new Commander: The ''Retribution'' Commander! A weapon that requires: 12 ...
Western fronts: (HISTORICALLY ACCURATE!!) OKW Complete Overview, spec ops tactics, and prototype weaponry overview. (RE POST)
by Sarah(Married)
Steam illegally banned my other guide cause the moderators said i broke the rules and didn't give me fair trial. I asked them nicely to un ban it, but they denied my Legally proven of innocence request. So now I will repost this guide for you all :) god b...
Theater of War General / Achievement Wins (Updated 28 Oct)
by Siu-King** [HK]
I'm top 50 in 2v2 Axis. I have seen many players think that Theater of War on General Difficulty being nearly impossible, or some achievements too tricky to get. In this guide, I will give you some tips to win these easily; the key is mainly...
How 2 OberKommando
by [FaZe] Sanic
Dis guide will teach yu how 2 german up the soviet menace and please reich...
Western Fronts U.S Forces Overview/Tactics
by Sarah(Married)
This guide will teach newcomers all they need 2 know about the United States mainline forces, commanders, armored weaponry and tactics that can be used to defeat the German Army!...
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