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Infantry/defense *Work in progress*
by Joetaculer5481
This guide is about the term "Elastic Defense." I personally have used it successfully as both the OKW and Wehrmacht....
The U.S.F. How to claim victory for Uncle Sam, the guide
by isador
An in-depth guide to the USF, primarily aimed towards new players or experienced players who are looking to play with the USF....
How to not suck at Company of heroes 2 (from somone who used to suck)
by Black-Iron Tarkus
Not too long ago I found out a few key points that helped turn me from playing terribly at the game to being a pretty decent player, and in this guide I am going to share those things with you....
how2poop trlololol xDDDDDDDDDDD
by LordWumpis
how2 poop like a rpprp pro lol c;...
Western fronts: (HISTORICALLY ACCURATE!!) OKW Complete Overview, spec ops tactics, and prototype weaponry overview. (RE POST)
by [4thRising] Vampire Klara
Steam illegally banned my other guide cause the moderators said i broke the rules and didn't give me fair trial. I asked them nicely to un ban it, but they denied my Legally proven of innocence request. So now I will repost this guide for you all :) god b...
Great FPS Increase Tweak Guide!
by Maddoghalo
Have you done most things such as reduce settings on your computer, grab updates, lower all settings in options, disable game replays and still having FPS trouble? This guide will show you a few more tweaks that will give you a major gain in FPS. What ...
The T70 terror
by At0micB1scuit
A in depth guide on the litle killing machine that is the T70...
by ╬ ╬ tomot222 ╬ ╬
I am going to explain to fellow assault gren users how i think they can be used. In my opinion you should always go at very close range against all units.Try to keep static.When the enemy is at long range the best thing to do is to get out of there.Use t...
This is how we Ostruppen
by TrollingLlama
This will teach you how to Ostrupp everything...
14 глав одиночки. 14 chapters singles(lone)
by maclord40k
Может поможет кому-нибуть пройти не переигрывая по 10 раз один и тот же уровень или просто для тех кто первый раз играет в CoH чтобы много не пи...
Do the Company of Heroes 2 bulletins stack? Updtd. 9th sep 14
by Talisman
A study to reveal the fact behind the stacking of bulletins. People say it doesn't, and some say it does, find out here....
Theater of War Easy General / Achievement Wins (Updated 4 Sept)
by Siu-King** [DE]
I have seen many players think that Theater of War on General Difficulty being nearly impossible, or some achievements too tricky to get. In this guide, I will give you some tips to win these easily; the key is mainly smart choice of commanders...
Ostheer/Wehrmacht Units Flow Chart/Tech Tree
by ‡ Mithiriath ‡
Hello, Here is a Flow Chart/Tech Tree of Ostheer/Wehrmacht Units....
Super Stalin Human Waves Tactics
by RandomNub0815
The "Super Stalin Human Waves Tactics" are the Key to Berlin...
Soviets Units Flow Chart/Tech Tree
by ‡ Mithiriath ‡
Hello, Here is a Flow Chart/Tech Tree of Soviets Units....
How 2 OberKommando
by Kamerad Guy The Sherman Expert
Dis guide will teach yu how 2 german up the soviet menace and please reich...
Partisan Commander guide
by waltera
A guide on how to play the Partisan Commander in Commpany of Heroes 2...
Oberkommando West Units & Commanders Flow Charts/Tech Trees
by ‡ Mithiriath ‡
Hello, Here is 2 Flow Charts/Tech Trees of Oberkommando West Units and Commanders....
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