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Major Tom's Manual to Ardennes Assault
by Major Tom
Manual for kraut destruction and battlefield management. If I'm missing out on some information, please type it out on the comments section. Thanks :D (Or maybe it's because I'm too lazy to type @_@) This is also my first guide. Soooo. ...
The V-2 Rocket
by [╬]Kurdow [Luftwaffe]
V-2 Rocket (Vergeltungswaffe 2 ''Retribution'' weapon) Type: single stage ballistic missile [Nazi Germany] How about a new long-range Weapon In-game? (Company of Heroes 2) for a new Commander: The ''Retribution'' Commander! A weapon that requires: 12 ...
CoH1 CoH2 Tutorial Einsteiger Tipps & Tricks *GER*
Hier erfahrt ihr grundsätzliche Tipps & Tricks zu CoH1 & CoH2. Habt ihr Fragen oder Hinweise oder auch eigene Tipps und Tricks schreibt sie hier rein, die Community wird es euch danken....
Comprehensive Multiplayer Wehrmact Guide
by Ojm25
This guide is primarily for beginners on Company of Heroes who are playing as Wehrmact, It will however go through some more advanced methods too....
OKW early to mid game tactics
by Herr Koala
In this Guide, I (currently ranked roughly 550 in OKW 2v2) will teach you how to get yourself into a superior position in early to mid game, securing vital points on the map and counter various threats, including both soviets and american foes. I will ...
How to not suck at Company of heroes 2 (from somone who used to suck)
by Pip Bernadotte
Not too long ago I found out a few key points that helped turn me from playing terribly at the game to being a pretty decent player, and in this guide I am going to share those things with you....
Fraktionen, Allianzen und Generäle, mit ihren Einheiten, im statistischen Vergleich.
by Norrek
Dieser Guide soll möglichst objektiv und relativ sachlich Company of Heroes 2 in Hinsicht auf seine Fraktionen und Einheiten analysieren und einen Blick auf das Spiel ermöglichen, den man im Getümmel der Schlachten kaum gewinnen kann. Einige Ergebnisse...
Как пройти сюжетную кампанию не словив боль ниже спины
by AntiEvil
Это руководство поможет вам пройти Company of Heroes 2 не испытав боли ниже спины....
Тактика игры за US Forces. Три лучших командира демократии.
by Hauptsturmfuhrer Waldemar
Campaign Walkthrough [Hard/1080p]
by SergiuHellDragoon
Here you can find the walkthrough for every mission in Company of Heroes 2.This is the USSR Campaign and I hope you will enjoy it....
Gute russische Einheiten und Verbundtaktiken
by DeadHedgehog
Kleiner Guide zu den russischen Einheiten und wie man sie gut zusammen einsetzt. Es ist weder eine Gewinngarantie noch der ultimative Weg kann euch aber im Multiplayer einige Niederlagen ersparen. ...
Редактор карт СОН2
by 園川優手
Многим хочется создать карту, но они не могут, не знают как....
German Commander Overview
by gotrunks712
Provides a list of all German commanders, their command trees in game, and what source they come from (DLC, base game, deluxe edition, email registration, etc.)...
Basics of the US Forces
by Viper123_SWE
This guide will cover the basics of the new US Forces army as well as basic tactics revolving around the US units. I will not be doing any in-depth analysis with statistics/values, it will be purely basic stuff covered in this guide....
How to increase FPS?
Bad COH2 performance? Even on good rig? Alpha/Beta was running ok? What's wrong with final version? The answer is: Replays . There's no option to disable it, but i found other way to do so. What are You waiting for? Da! This will ...
CoH 2 Avatars (steam, forums, ect.)
by Cultist_kun
You can find any kind on CoH 2 avatars in this theard. From medic to shock troops. Jast come here and take....
A Comprehensive Soviet Unit and Meta Guide for Newbies (WIP)
by SirRagesAlot
A comprehensive guide to the, strengths, weaknesses, and meta to the Soviets in Company of Heroes 2. The intent of the guide is help players get a better grasp of the concepts of the Soviet vs Wermacht game. The intent of the guide is not to give an expl...
Тактика "Решающий удар" за Немцев
by STALKER4732
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