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davidpinerop Mar 24, 2014 @ 2:21am
Digital deluxe content
Where is the digital deluxe content: Artbook - soundtrack - ...
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Pierdek Mar 24, 2014 @ 6:04am 
This stuff is located in steam directory:
SteamApps\common\Deadfall Adventures\Digital Extras\
davidpinerop Mar 25, 2014 @ 1:39am 
i dont have this folder , i dowload the game again but this folder is not there , any solution because i have the digital deluxe , i want my extra content.
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RomZes Mar 25, 2014 @ 9:53am 
I have similar mistake. After last update from menu selection classes from MP disappeared all DLC weapon. But additional content is present, I think, because I load this 2 months ago, before update №2.
Czimmi May 8, 2014 @ 8:42am 
Same problem here, I bought Digital Deluxe Edition but cannot find content: Original Soundtrack, Making Of - Movie, Artbook. I sent 2 emails to the support of the game two weeks ago and still no answer...missing Digital Extras directory with content (DLC 1 and DLC 2 is present).
Sounds like a poor conceived data execution on the developer's part. This additional content SHOULD have been clarified in the game page as well as instructions on how to find and access the content like any other game with optional versions.

I think the developers need to get a patch out to fix this ASAP! I will wait for this to happen before I buy ANY version of the game. By that time it will most likely be on sale again knowing how STEAM works... LOL
Slightly troubling that there's no information on the store page describng what exactly is included in the Digital Deluxe version, which is why I arrived here to find out. More disturbingly so if buyers aren't receiving that extra content afterwards.

Don't they realise they're loosing potential purchases all the time, as buyers do get put off and often move-on without ever querying the lack of info so Dev's/publisher often never know of those lost buyers.
Exactly the point xX-Startchild. Exactly the point.

Also. I tried to check this post since I subscribed to it in the hopes to catch an update about the developers fixing this discrepancy with the game and digital deluxe content and STEAM blocked me saying I was not authorized to access the page. I am not sure how I got here but I just want to let STEAM and the game developers know that a block like that makes it appear like they do not respect or accept any kind of negative feedback. Essentially a denial of freedom of speech and well as causing them to fail to provide support and customer service as their user aggreement contents promise us. (From both STEAM and the game providers)

Since I am sure they will ignore my note about it through support as well as here I will now be unsubscribed from this subject. I will just have to watch the game page for detail updates to post about the digital content..

Good luck to you all..
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