Nefentari Jul 31, 2014 @ 2:00pm
Terrible lag
I'm experiencing terrible lag in this game, even in the main menu and the cutscenes are also lagging quite bad - even on very low settings and a resolution of 1280x720, so it's very hard to find the motivation to play it. :/
I'm playing on an Asus notebook with an i7-4700HQ (quad, 2.4GHz, hyperthreading), the GTX 850M and 8gb of RAM and I can run "Dead Island: Riptide" on high settings/with 1920x1080 without lag (and that game isn't exactly optimized well) and "Minecraft" on the highest settings with around 60fps, so I should also be able to play "Deadfall Adventures" on at least medium settings, right?
Any tips on how to fix it?