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Dead Man 2013年12月24日 16時40分
Can you "win" every moon?
Hey, guys. So I "beat" the tutorial and am moving on to other moons, yet after landing on 3 or 4 of them, I've been unable to beat or create a bridge on any more.

Now, I'm not the smartest guy in the world but I believe I understand the game mechanics and was pretty though in my study of each of these moons (and mirror moons) and now I begining to second guess myself. So, I guess my question is, is every moon winable? Or, at least, is every moon winable on the first landing? Or do I have to do certain moons in order?

Right now, I'm just a bit stumped. I really like the game, but not sure if I'm playing it with the right objective. Or if there is an objective.
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SWC Jack Gallow 2013年12月24日 17時38分 
You have the right idea they are beatable but not in the same way there is no bridge EXCEPT on the end game planet which has been found and named( if you want to know lemme know). To beat the other planets you have to find a structure with a "broken" ball when you approach it, it rebuilds its self. Then after it will flash and you can name the star system. The ball or sphere is not transparent like the structures you can find it is like the attatchments for the device you have. It is usaully in a tall tower that is ALWAYS white. Thank you for not assuing this game is horrible and broken like most people do.
Dead Man 2013年12月24日 18時17分 
Oh, see, I thought that was on every mission, regardless of progress. I figured that was just a quick way to return to the ship. Is there a way in the navigator to determaine what moon's you've finished or not? Also, I assume you can play moons that have been named just as easily as moons that haven't?
doctahsanchez 2013年12月29日 19時31分 
I had the same idea on both of those issues but I'm new too!
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