Facewizard Mar 8 @ 4:00am
If I see the anomaly from a planet, what's the best way to figure out what star that is?
Any tips?
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johnfaber2 Mar 17 @ 3:55am 
So far, the only thing I have is looking for a map planet (people tend to name it MAP, but there are more than one), which, when activated, will display some planet names on the sky. Then, use this information to pinpoint the location.
That's what I've been doing since yesterday, so might not be the fastest way.
johnfaber2 Mar 17 @ 8:49am 
Okay, now that I've actually found the anomaly (it is called ANOMLY in EP39, by the way), I can tell you how I did it.
Look at the anomaly and draw the surrounding constellation on a pieve of paper.
Return to ship.
Spend a few minutes looking at the sky, trying to find those constellations.
Eventually run out of patience and randomly target something that vaguely resembles what you've seen.
Be surprised that it actually is the thing you're looking for.
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