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Dupont May 29, 2014 @ 6:04pm
Season 44 Anomaly solved !
After stumbling randomly across an observatory star, I gazed at the beautiful constellations and found the one circled star (or anomaly as i learn from the forum). After 5 whole hours of searching , I finally found the star where the anomaly was and witness the "ending" of the game.

I would like to thank the devs for making such a great game.
I began playing this game only since yesterday and I have to say that this was a unique experience to figure out what the hell I was doing.
It was really fun and sometimes frustrating but,overall, it was a one of the best and immersive game I have ever played, 10/10.

And if anybody have trouble finding the anomaly , search for an observatory star named "Hint" at 702556599 it should help alot ;)

As of myself, I can finally stop the game for now and have a good night (it's 3.00 am here XD)
Fellow space adventurers , good luck !
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Akryl Jun 17, 2014 @ 2:49am 
Found it! Thanks!

Just as a hint to anyone not knowing how to find the anomaly, here are a few hints:
- you have to find observatory (obvious). When you're there, draw the constellation with circled star on the piece of paper - and make sure you keep the distances intact. It should be as precise representation as possible, so maybe overlay the paper over your monitor or something. Your map should include at least two named stars. In my case for ep44 they were ALMOST and CLOSE; observatory was HINT.
- stop using the top map navigator (the one that moves crosshair), use the rotation instead as it gives you the sense of depth and distance on your ship's map screen. Using this rotation also rotates your ship, moving background stars around (about that later). Big dots are close, small ones are further away. You will notice, that when you rotate left, some stars move to the left, some to the right. Conclusion: ship's star map shows you not only stars in front of the ship, but also behind it - which makes it a terrible mess to navigate through.
- You need to know that within ship, holding right mouse button lets you look around at the background stars around your ship (this doesn't move the ship's star map). Those stars are identical as the ones you can see from the planet you're at.
- You want this planet to be observatory - don't travel away from observatory, and if you do make sure you can get back to it. You want to observe background stars in ship from observatory's point of view, not some random useless planet. Map you've drawn on paper is only useful when your ship is at observatory.
- When you aim the crosshair at one of the stars in ship's map screen, it gets marked with a circle outside of ship's map screen, in the background (as mentioned earlier, use right mouse button to look around to find it!). Chances are this star will be covered by parts of your ship's cockpit, so rotate the map -> rotates the ship -> cockpit rotates along with ship -> background stars stop being covered.
- Here's the hard part. Keep your observatory in center of the screen, move croshair a little bit up, and then only use rotation to find your named stars. When you find them, rotate ship to have them above your ship's map screen. Now find those stars again, using only the crosshair - when you do, you should have it circled in background, right above your ship's map screen. Make sure you know which stars they are and that your remember their names, and compare your drawn map with them (all on the background stars, not ship's map screen!). You should have now pinpointed which star in the background is anomaly, so carefully rotate the ship to have it right above your ship's map screen. Now, as you have it above your screen, use only the crosshair to look through all the stars (only vertically!) until you aim at one of the stars and the anomaly you found in the background gets circled - you just found your anomaly. Travel away!

Hope it helps anyone, it's very messy wall o' text...

Ep 44 anomaly location: yatta [689 443 717], direct nearby planets: Pengro, Janus, Bodang, Dangbo, Dressr, Pollen, Yhaan, Hope, Blaze, Adrien
Dupont Jun 17, 2014 @ 7:20am 
Glad It helped ;D
After reading your coment, I guess everyone has a way to find it XD
Akryl Jun 17, 2014 @ 1:31pm 
After searching forums a bit I didn't find any, so I figured I'd share mine :D
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