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Русификация Cities XL Platinum
Succesful walkthrough!
by Klajda
How to successfully play a game? Just read this walkthrough and you will be on top! Detailed walkthrough Successful action of your city Easy trading and earning a lot of money Effective spending money for MORE money Plea...
Русификация Cities XL Platinum
by Sedoi
Fixing Technical Issues (bugs)
by Latt Ice
So many people out there complaining that they cannot get the game to work or that it crashes on them that I decided to check the common problems and fixes before I bought the game. I got all of these set up before/as I started the game for the first time...
Keeping a positive cash flow for small cities
by ßürger
Woohoo, first Cities XL guide! Here's a good tip on keeping a positive cash flow for small cities. I'm planning on making one for big cities soon! I will also update this guide from time to time. Note: I am not promising a second guide anymore as I...