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ZeroEmpires 2013年7月15日 14時00分
Instant Crash When Game Starts
I'm currently having an issue where when i try to launch the game it instantly crashes before even launching. I haven't had the chance to even play the game yet.

System Specs:
Intel i7 3770
GTX 660 2GB
750W PSU
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Mr Johnson-Johnson 2013年7月15日 21時26分 
I have this problem as well :(. When I try to launch it "Cities xl game application has stopped working".
Stealth 2013年7月15日 21時31分 
Same problem here. Really annoying, I was relaly excited to play this game.
ZeroEmpires 2013年7月16日 0時38分 
Is there any known fix for this; or if it's unfixable is the game at least refundable? I think it's pretty bad if we can't even play it :S
NutsMammoth  [開発者] 2013年7月16日 7時51分 
A. What is your antivirus?

B. We need information about your hardware configuration:

1. Click Start then Run or press Windows and R keys.
2. Type DXDIAG in the Run window and press Enter key.

1. Click Windows Start button or press Windows and R keys.
2. Type DXDIAG in the Search bar (bottom left) or in Run window and press Enter key.

1. Open the Charms Bar (shortcut Windows + C keys) and click Search.
2. Click Apps and enter the command DXDIAG then click DXDIAG under Results.

System tab: Windows version, processor model (Processor) and the amount of RAM memory (Memory).
Display tab: name of the graphics controller (Name) and the driver date (Date).
Audio tab: name of the audio controller (Name) and the driver date (Date).

Please provide us the above information only and not the full content report.
ZeroEmpires 2013年7月16日 8時03分 
Microsoft Security Essentials for Antivirus.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Intel Core i7 3770 @3.4GHz
8192MB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
Plantronics Gamecom 780
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