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Game bogs down drastically in time
It's sad. I really enjoy city simulators and I honestly bought this as soon as it came up on the steam sale. I decided to overlook the discussions about the game bogging down to a crawl.

The game is enjoyable, I really love watching cities grow, and it runs at blazing speeds during the initial stages, but there's just so much information thrown about that the game's groundwork (which points at a single core) bottlenecks and it slows down.

All in all, the game is great, but fixing this would require basically re-writing the whole game and it's obviously not happening as far as I see on the official forums.

It's like a hot chick you take out on a date. You see she's extremely hot, you really like her and when you get her out of her dress you see she has a surprise down there.

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The doctor is in May 28, 2013 @ 1:28pm 

hi yeap it does slow down as the city grows in size and complexity

there is just more processing to do

the good thing is that it does not need to be rewritten from scratch for things to improve

you see the game logic is all written in interpritected lua that does not support native threading

what needs to be done is have a version of lua that is natively compiled and that supports native threading

and of course they would have to use that new version of lua

and that is what ive been working on!

i took luaplus which they basically used which is basically an enhanced version of lua with c++ object oriented wrapper and merged it with luajit a branch of lua that has a native just in time compiler!

so you get the performance of luajit which is 20x-30x or more faster than plain old lua and the c++ object oriented wrapper that everybody loves to use.

the great thing is that it just doen't benefit this game, it benefits a lot of games out there whose game logic is written in lua.

just about little more than a week ago i sent a copy of the early release of luaplusjit to the guy responsible for cities xl at focus and hopefully when they get a chance they will try it out and let me know which luaplus enhancements they need.

then i will need to get them done and send them a new copy that they will then test. we will repeat this for sometime until its all done and good

and then a new version of cities xl. one whose game logic is natively compliled and that hopegully runs a lot faster which means people will be able to have larger and more complex cities and better framerate.

still there are limits. so much can be squeeze from running the game logic on a single core. that is where the next phase comes in adding native threading support to luaplusjit

and at that point when at is done, if its ever done, then there can be a version of cities xl whose game logic runs on multiple native threads running on multiple cores.

without them doing much of a rewrite!

so you see its really not an issue of the game. the game is pretty well made. its an issue with the underlying technologies that they rely on that they did not create and that obviously they are not expert in.

its like they use directx and directx does not do something so they obviously cant do it. they have to wait until directx adds support for that and then they would use it.

the thing is they didnt create lua, sure they made the decision to use lua long ago, but so did lots of game companies. and they all have the same problem

the only thing left is that the game is a 32bit application, well that will require a bit of work.

now i cant promise when all this is done. remember lua is open source, its all volunteers plugging away when they can

and focus is pretty busy creating new games and supporting games that actually make them money, hey they are a company and have to make payroll to pay their employees, ect

so it may take a long time, and perhaps never fully happy.

but people are working on the issue, focus would very much like to get the issue resolve. they unfortunately have to wait for luaplusjit to be at a point that it gives them the enhancements that they need

which is where i come in ;)

so dont listen to all those griefers/trolls. they have no clue.

stil the game is loads of fun. the latest simcity has the very same problems. that is why they have tiny cities and broken game logic to mask the fact it would get slow.

this game does not mask the fact, it scales so long as the supporting hardware and software is there. well up to 32 bit.

still there are things u can do to make it better. u can google cities xl performance tweaks and there is some things you can try. you can also make sure your computer is not busy doing other things and that it has plenty of available memory and you can reduce/disable any video, miscellaneous and advanced option you dont need. the good thing is that you dont have to exit and restart the game to increase/enable them back! so turn off vehicles, pedestrians, ect. you dont need them while building your city, when you want to watch it run you can easily enough turn it all back on to the max.

also make sure you have nice intel cpu with the fastest latest core you can afford. honestly the intel runs 2x or more ipc than any amd, amd has sadly not kept up. remember you are limited by the number of instructions per cycle that a core can run that game logic.

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I totally agree. The game is definitely fun and to be honest all I read there was basic chinese, but I gather that you're looking at it. Hopefully you can improve performance somehow.

If you do it, I'll be on the first wagon to buy the game. I still enjoy it (just closed it) a lot and I'll be playing it a whole bunch, but that's just because the last city simulator I played was sim ciy 4 which I still enjoy.

The doctor is in May 28, 2013 @ 5:12pm 
yeah basic wall of text
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