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Cakeface 2013年5月25日 8時37分
Still unable to start the game
I keep getting an unknown error message when I try to start the game. I have reinstalled the game a few times, and installed the files manually. I have also installed a bunch of visual c ++ 2005,2008,2010 files but nothing seems to help. Please help me ;)

Greetings Tim
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Cakeface 2013年5月26日 11時15分 
Got it working :)
The doctor is in 2013年5月26日 11時20分 
that is great to hear, have fun :)

post here if you run into anything else

and dont forget to checkout it will make the game even better

they got hundreds of addons, new features, fixes, enhancements, tutorials, city diaries, all imaginable ploppable buildings, objects and things. i mean if it can be done someone has most likely done it over there. and over 40,000 members that help each other and that are actively creating stuff for the game or just playing it. great place to see what can be done with this game, talk about the cities you build, get help, and without this vile that infests this site.
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