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MonsterMod 2013年5月22日 11時55分
Performance fixes
I don't own the game (debating buying), but am wondering if this helps people with performance issues. Taken from the developers forum:
Re: Game running slowly, and low FPS

Postby FocusTechSupport » 25 March 2013, 10:30
Please modify the graphics configuration file in order to improve the game perfomances:

1. Open the folder Cities XL Platinum located on the hard disk.
2. By default the game is installed in the Local Disk (C:), Program Files or Program Files (x86) and Focus Home Interactive.
3. For the Steam version, the path is the Local Disk (C:), Program Files or Program Files (x86), Steam, SteamApps then Common.
4. Open the folder Data then the folder Config.
5. Right click the file GlobalSettings.cfg and click Edit or open the file using the Notepad.
6. Go to the line Live and set PoolSize to 4096 => <PoolSize>4096</PoolSize>
7. Go to the line Layout and set ProcessEnabled to 0 => <ProcessEnabled>0</ProcessEnabled>
8. Go to the line Visibility Manager and set VisibilityEnabled to 1 => <VisibilityEnabled>1</VisibilityEnabled>
9. Save the file GlobalSettings.cfg and run the game.

As soon as you experience major slowdowns with your city, please save your city then quit the game (go back to the main menu) and reload your city.
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Daryl 2013年5月22日 12時11分 
If it would be this easy, the developers could've easily putten these changes in a patch since it just changes a few settings here and there.

So the reality is that it doesn''t fix anything, it's just something to keep you busy, and make potential buyers believe that there are ways to "fix" it.
最近の変更はDarylが行いました; 2013年5月22日 12時12分
MonsterMod 2013年5月22日 12時14分 
Thanks for the unhelpful feedback. Anyone actually try?
Edit: just noticed you are in every thread bashing the game, and you got banned from the developers forum. Troll much?
最近の変更はMonsterModが行いました; 2013年5月22日 12時21分
LinkStrife 2013年5月22日 12時43分 
Thanks for the post monsterMod. I am playing other games at the moment but I will give it a try when I get back to CitiesXL.
MonsterMod 2013年5月22日 13時41分 
Found some reports from people that tried these fixes. Overall, seems like big performance boost:
DeathStrike (DS) 2013年5月22日 13時42分 
This game is a train wreck, should not be on Steam at all. Do not buy it and if you have bought it I recommend you beg Steam for a refund.
最近の変更はDeathStrike (DS)が行いました; 2013年5月22日 13時44分
MonsterMod 2013年5月22日 13時47分 
Your comments are at odds with what I am reading in other places. Now I am curious, so I bought the game to see for myself. Will report what I find.
DeathStrike (DS) 2013年5月22日 13時53分 
At odds? No, It's a known fact this game is broken.
Allen 2013年5月22日 15時18分 
@MonsterMod worth buying? it works fine with the fixes?
MonsterMod 2013年5月22日 15時21分 
Well I just installed it. I am new to the game, but made a city with about 10k residents, and didnt notice any issues even without the fixes. Some small stuttering when zooming sometimes maybe. Anyway, I would need to play more to see if the really big cities lag me, and if the fixes work. In short, I can't provide much feedback yet! Comments from other forums suggest the fixes are big improvement though.
MonsterMod 2013年5月22日 16時14分 
Ok I found something interesting. The default graphics setting was a refresh rate of 59. My monitors refresh is 60. When I changed the ingame refresh to 60, that little stutter went away. So now I am at 35,000 population, and not getting any lag (currently using the above settings). I did crash after about an hour and a half though, when I was messing around in the menu. The 4GB patch might fix that, not sure. Running the game with maximum settings. The forum troll above will say I need to have a huge city to see lag, so I will test that next. But that may take some time!

Also, my machine is a real beast, GTX 680 etc, so your results will vary.
Zomboss 2013年5月22日 16時34分 
you will see it with 1000000+ population
Kinoma 2013年5月22日 16時40分 
Montsermod, I want to know your honest opinion on this game, not graphics wise, but gameplay. I seriously want to play some city building games that aren't expensive.
I assume you like it?
Is it worth the $10?
MonsterMod 2013年5月22日 20時43分 
Honestly, I have not played enough to say much. Currently playing Sanctum 2 and getting my ♥♥♥ kicked in the single player lol. From what I have seen in about an hour of play, it looks fun if you like the Simcity type games, which I do. I plan to spend more time playing it, but today was mainly just to see how performance was. And on that count, it seems like it could be laggy on weak pc's, and I did crash once, so save often! But for the price, I don't regret buying it, and look forward to giving it a real play and trying all the mods for the game.
最近の変更はMonsterModが行いました; 2013年5月22日 20時44分
Andrius227 2013年5月23日 0時10分 
Wow did you really deleted my previous comment ? You are a ♥♥♥♥♥, literally. A fanboy mod who deletes every bad comment about this game.

As i said before my post was deleted, this game is very bad, poorly optimised, doesn't even have multi core support and will run like crap even on the top end monster pc's. I have an i7-2600 quad core and a gtx 680, guess what, this game could only use 25% of my pc power and run like ♥♥♥♥ anyway.
DirtyHoeTel 2013年5月23日 0時21分 
@ MonsterMod i dont think people troll that much about the game, if you buy a game and it run at even 25fps its bad and people should be warn (people like me who have kind of old PC)
but hey, you have some guts to try it anyway hope you will enjoy it
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