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eran.williams 2013年5月21日 11時34分
Really bad trailer
Wtf is up with people who put trailers on steam. This ♥♥♥♥ is really stuipd. Seriously. I wana see clips of game play not some ♥♥♥♥♥♥ dubstep cut scene of buildigs going up.
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March of the Baldwin 2013年5月21日 11時41分 
There is a second trailer (which is the same except it has music instead of dubsteb).
But it's a trailer after all, you can find lots of gameplay clips on YouTube.
Kent Standit 2013年5月21日 11時47分 
Imagine a framrate of 1 FPS and its actually pretty accurate
necrosand 2013年5月21日 14時51分 
I think the trailer was great.
You just have bad taste eran.williams.
G Money 2013年5月21日 16時10分 
The trailer was terrible, it almost gave me a seizure. It's just fast camera panning with buildings growing over and over, verry annyoing. I was almost considering it before that...
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Nightmare 2013年5月21日 17時46分 
i don't know what the tralier was for lol i don't get it so i think it is a bad trailer. i want 2 know if you can havw war in this game :)
idlemessiah 2013年5月21日 18時59分 
I'm pretty sure that the trailer was bad for the purpose of being bad. After all there is text at the start which reads "My boss forced me to make a dubstep trailer..."
LinkStrife 2013年5月21日 19時17分 
Seeing that none of you owns the game, I just found out that game trailers are much more influential than I first thought.
K1ngFiasco 2013年5月21日 22時06分 
LinkStrife の投稿を引用:
Seeing that none of you owns the game, I just found out that game trailers are much more influential than I first thought.

I know right? I'm not buying because I've heard its buggy and laggy. I dont care what kind of trailer a game has.

Look at Aliens Colonial Marines. Great trailer, horse ♥♥♥♥ game.
Theodrome 2013年5月22日 6時34分 
I'm glad to see I wasn't only one to get the -wtf are you kidding me- feeling out of it :D

After third buildling stretching I was like "Ookay, I see what you did there, maybe stop now..?", but noooo, it just kept going and going and going.. -.-

At least it made me come to forums and find about memory leaks, I knew there must have been something wrong with that gaming company!
schobbo 2013年5月22日 6時59分 
Just came here to say this ^^ Saw the game was on sale and watched the trailer, that's gotta be the worst trailer I've ever seen for a game.
This trailer also made me instantly not want to buy the game.
Eyeball Lizard 2013年5月22日 7時21分 
I'm glad that the trailer is scaring you people away from buying it. I regret my decision to buy it.
necrosand 2013年5月22日 7時44分 
The trailer was great.
All of you that are dissenting are clearly just idiots.
K1ngFiasco 2013年5月22日 13時26分 
The trailer was meant as a joke. Like it said in the beginning, "my boss forced me to make a dubstep trailer..."

I think it was one of those intentionally bad things, meant to be more of a middle finger to his boss.
OmegaDL50 2013年5月22日 14時17分 
The game may have some issues, but I swear some of the people in this topic are really making some fairly gross exagurations on how bad the trailer is. Yeesh, Don't like it, just move on and do something more constructive with your time.

Simply whining about on the forums makes you sound like a crying child. Pretty pathetic when If you think about it.
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JimmyJamNYC 2013年5月22日 14時34分 
Complaining about people whining on the forums is even more pathetic if you think about it. Makes you sounds like a petulant crying child.

And that trailer was terrible. The trailer is an ad for your game. This fails on all counts.
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