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Eradicator69na 2013年11月28日 19時17分
Does Cities XL Platinum offer full controler support for xbox360 controllers?
I can't play games that use a mouse and key board. Does Cities XL Platinum work with xbox 360 controllers? Please tell me before the sale ends? Thanks!
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Rhenthyl 2013年11月28日 20時38分 
haymosdude 2013年11月28日 21時01分 
The game doesn't support it but you can use XPadder [] which lets use assign any keyboard key to the controller. The set up will take a little, because you need to assign WASD to each button on the controller, and set up the mouse to work as the right stick and left click needs to have a button and right click etc.. but it's worth it. Can be used for any other game thereafter which does not support the xbox360 controller.
stan 2013年11月28日 22時29分 
Whats the fuss about these controllers anyway ?
Br!t!shGaMeR 2013年11月29日 1時30分 
You don't want to use a controller in a Sim game nor an RTS purely mouse m8.... :)
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