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Eradicator69na 28 nov 2013, ore 19:17
Does Cities XL Platinum offer full controler support for xbox360 controllers?
I can't play games that use a mouse and key board. Does Cities XL Platinum work with xbox 360 controllers? Please tell me before the sale ends? Thanks!
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Rhenthyl 28 nov 2013, ore 20:38 
haymosdude 28 nov 2013, ore 21:01 
The game doesn't support it but you can use XPadder [] which lets use assign any keyboard key to the controller. The set up will take a little, because you need to assign WASD to each button on the controller, and set up the mouse to work as the right stick and left click needs to have a button and right click etc.. but it's worth it. Can be used for any other game thereafter which does not support the xbox360 controller.
stan 28 nov 2013, ore 22:29 
Whats the fuss about these controllers anyway ?
Br!t!shGaMeR 29 nov 2013, ore 1:30 
You don't want to use a controller in a Sim game nor an RTS purely mouse m8.... :)
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