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DeputyDilDog Dec 15, 2013 @ 5:51am
Best way to put in bigger roads.
As my city has grown, my roads have become more congested, meaning i have needed to upggrade. I have already created two main roads with four lanes going each way in the middle of the city. Was a good solution at first until my city got bigger and is now another problem.

The first time i did this, upgrading from 2 lanes to 8 lanes meant destroying buildings around it. Will i need to do this again? Should i also pause time so i can concentrate on putting in larger roads while not having to worry about other problems?
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Petah Dec 23, 2013 @ 11:02am 
Plan ahead, like you have to do in real city planning. Make grass area where you want the bigger road to be later.
Abbittibbi Dec 26, 2013 @ 3:25am 
I agree that the best way to control traffic flow and avoid jams is to plan from start. Do not try to start small to come back and destroy later, this is never going to work has cost will be more than double for each area you have to destroy. Causing people to move out on top is not good for the balance of buisness.

I plan before start, and build from beginning the city I want. I do not hesitate to enable cash cheat(I take it has 0% loan) for 500 millions, then make the money back(and pocket profits) when city has grown.
Toysoldier Dec 26, 2013 @ 9:19am 
I ran into this problem when I first started. It seems the best way is to just keep it in mind from the start.

I build the largest roads I can and make branching areas knowing I will go back and upgrade the road later.

If I know I plan to upgrade it later I don't build anything right next to it. I also found that throwing down roads then using the free form zoning has been giving much better results than just the grid layout. I prefer the grid layout and the look and ease it gives to layout but freeform has been giving far better results after changing to that now. Using curving roads and the freeform has been working well for layout.
Abbittibbi Dec 27, 2013 @ 3:26am 
I do not use area zoning, and I will not suggest others use it. You don't end up getting what you want using automated zones. I would suggest you to start thinking small inside a big area, meaning that each building must be place one at the time. For offices, education, and most other T4 building is placed independently.

Another detail is that intersections are what create traffic jams(along with density), so less crossing there is, less chances you get that it will end up in a bottleneck. It is imperative to avoid useless intersections and mid street intersections too. So for transport, I start by planning three layers of grid, one for main roads, one for suburban and one for trams-metro-buses.

Most of my trams never hit a regular street, confined to trams limited roads. Mass tranportation is planned from the very early stages of building.

Also, I ''overuse'' tunnels and bridges, from one heavy zoning too another, placing medium or light building area in between two heavy zones, this lower traffic a lot, bypasser avoiding local drive and surface streets. And last, I avoid above all, mixing zones between them, even with residential. With the exception of commerce, which I mix with other just about anywhere.

I hope theses hints will help you, but here is one that will: XLnation.

Welcome to your city.


Been playing this game for qhite a while now, although I only been on platinum for a while really .. but I had a question for Abbittibbi ... How do you build your tunnels .. I tried building under a road, so i wouldnt have so many crossings, but the tunnel either auto connects, or lowers the land around it once it gets close to the road im trying to build under ... I've tried all kinds and eventually gave up on it
DeputyDilDog Jan 2, 2014 @ 5:29am 
I have only been able to build tunnels through mountains. If i try building on my normal flat surface, it says i can't go under the sea level.
Is a bit of a pain, must be a way though ... and also placing single lots, why is it that on one side of a road i can place 4,5 or 6 in a row and they all snap together perfectly, but on the opposite side, they randomly jump around and leave huge gaps where i can only place 3-4 ...
Abbittibbi Jan 5, 2014 @ 7:11am 
To build a tunnel: first get the tunnels and bridges mods, MODS, M-O-D-S, for more design choices and especially to reduce the ''magnet'' area to other roads while building.

I mostly plan my tunnels and bridges the same way, as straight and as flat as possible, as closer to the ground as needed, under or above. My first thing in my mind with a tunnel is to clear buildings fundations. I always have the tunnel built AFTER the surface above is build(or at least planned) or i place temporary zones, just for the tunnel, and de-zone after, when needed.

To get perfect straight bridges, I start by building both ends surfaces streets. Then i pull a surface street to check the alignement(that i will not built, it's just to check!) and last, I build my surface connectors. I mean by connectors that I ALWAYS put a surface short straight and flat piece of road at both end to connect the tunnel itself to the permanent surface road.

Can't get a good tunnel without mods, check it out at XLnation.

Note: when coming down from a cliff or mountain to a valley or canyon, I have started to use the bridge-tunnel option, which give you a better construction handling and end result for traffic than a long spiral turning about(and again) tunnel under surface.

Anyway you look at it, simulation or real life, building a tunnel(or a bridge) is not an easy thing.

Hope this helps.
I build my bridges a similar way, but I've not looked into mods ... I Would have thought that if tunnels exist in the game they would have allowed you to build them properly ... Ill go check out the XLnation website, Thanks man!! :tlove:

So i'm looking at the XLnation website, theres no mod listed for tunnels and bridges
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